List Day!

  • Next week is a short week and I'm so looking forward to it

  • A count of four cars at the bar this morning

  • We saw lightening in the distance, while it was thinking about raining

  • I've finished my second breakfast burrito, now I'm stuffed

  • Dude, seriously. Please review your notes before you come over to run the reports

  • Remember last week's chickens running around? It's still going on

  • Mantra? It's Friday Eve!

  • Dropped two things in the mail yesterday

  • One was the navy blue socks - I'm so pleased they're done

  • I was caught getting ready to send an IM to Grilltech from OT's machine

  • I think one of his cow-orkers gave me away, he wasn't paying attention

  • Spent several hours training a person to do my job while I'm off for three days next week

  • I've gained five pounds, it's time to get serious again

  • Seriously? An effective date of 01 March 2009 when you put it in on 04 June 2009 is going to be 04 June 2009

  • Perky made chocolate cake last night

  • We's hates her

  • The other thing in the mail? I'm not talking about it

  • Tomorrow Amy will have five more days of work... then she's off for the summer

  • I'm willing to bet she'll be writing and playing with her kids like a real trooper

  • I get to go home and make a cheesecake for a pot luck tomorrow

  • Is it really any wonder why I've gaining weight?

  • To be fair, I haven't had any cake yet

  • Friday is swim day, so today will be cardio and routine

  • Grilltech has to work an hour of OT - not to be confused with O'Terrorist - today, I'm debating if I want to stay and work also

  • I did go home early on Monday

  • It's now clear out side, I was looking forward to more rain

  • We've got some of the popcan games on the system at home, have I been doing much knitting?

  • Didn't go to the gym, instead I walked around the grounds for 45 minutes

  • Made the cheesecake; forgot to put the chocolate chips in until after it had been in the oven for two minutes

  • I've also had three pieces of cake

  • Yea, another five pounds

  • I've got over 400 spam e-mails

  • Almost time to fold clothes

1 comment:

Lovs2Knit said...

I've got you beat on Spam! I had over 1,000 in my gmail account. It's crazy!