I'd Better Get to It

I've finished a couple of projected.

First up, the 1Bag. I've made two of them. One in less then 24 hours.

Followed the pattern on this one, ALMOST.

This is feather and fan pattern.

Joan is finished.

While taking pictures, I had a supervisor. Not my usual one.

Hand detail.

Fran and Havac having a meeting of the minds.

Perky and I found a good deal on a chair.

Now I'm thinking the couch needs to be replaced....


Galad said...

The bags came out great! And the gloves look awesome. You've been busy getting projects finished.Time to relax in your new chair :-)

emicat said...

Look at you go! One in less than 24 hours.. you're putting me to shame w/ my almost one year old socks (w/ only one half pair not even done yet)... sad sad sad :)

I need to get my knitting mojo back! That chair and ottoman look so comfy - I could sure use one of those in my home.

The bags look great and I love the changes you made to em.

Lovs2Knit said...

The bags and gloves look great. That chair looks super squishy and comfortable.

Amy Lane said...

Gees, Saren--you go for a week without posting and then I come back and there's pictures and lists, and cool stuff. I'll never go for so long again!

The gloves are SUPER awesome--and so are the bags! I love the chair--and as I see above, it's a perfect resting place for the off-duty catherder.