List Day!

  • There were three cars at the bar this morning.

  • Both Grilltech and I had a strong desire to sleep in

  • It's been established that Grilltech & Alpaca don't get along

  • Guess what I'm making his dice bag out of...

  • GRRR!! I'm off somewhere on this chart and will most likely need to rip back

  • Being able to count - two not three - is really going to be the biggest help

  • In my defense, solid black square with no contrasting line make counting blocks difficult

  • I woke up this morning and realized I haven't been able to remember my dreams for the past four days

  • I've got to remember to get thank you notes in the mail this weekend

  • Not sure what's going on, but I'm fighting to stay awake this morning

  • Tomorrow is my six month review

  • Not sure if I should be nervous or not

  • Writing documentation sucks, when they want theory not directions

  • Grilltech will be grilling burgers next Tuesday

  • At the bookstore yesterday, I pointed out to Grilltech the book Low & Slow Everything you know about BBQ is wrong

  • Somehow I don't think it applies to him

  • I've been eating more meals but less food

  • Right now, I'm starving and having nothing on hand to eat

  • I have most of the pattern done on Grilltech's bag, but I'm going to rip it back

  • I'm having Perky pick me up some new needles

  • I've checked, I don't have this length

  • But I do have four other sets of size six in various lengths

  • I'll have pictures tomorrow

  • Not all of them are knitting related

1 comment:

Amy Lane said...

I HATE the needle thing. "Yes I have a size six (or seven or twelve) but I don't have THAT size seven..." grrrr... it's one of the reasons I've started knitting EVERYTHING on circulars... (fiber bars, in the pocket--make sure they taste vile--If you're hungry enough to eat one of THOSE you really are hungry!)