Monday WIP/FO

The navy blue socks are done and shipped out. The person really liked them.

Grilltech was a sweetheart and got me a awesome birthday present.

One side has my purse stuff and the other side carries my sock.

What else have I been making? Row counters! Rose quartz, jade and hematite.

Every once in a while Grilltech makes a sacrifice to the grilling gods. He doesn't do it on purpose, it happens. Ribs might be a tad dry, hot dogs are burned - I happen to like mine blackened but it's easy to overdo them - or it isn't cooked right. Mind you right is relative. This month I've made a sacrifice to the knitting gods the lupine socks. They're done. They're not perfect by a long shot. One sock is half to three quarters of an inch longer than the other. The yarn ran out for the second toe. But they're done. They'll be worn and cherished the same as any other sock in my drawer.

But gods above, I don't want to knit on them again. On the plus side, this means I should be able to block out Nicole with very little problems and a ruler. Life is good.

I've started knitting a pair of mittens. Yea, I know it's June and starting to get hot, but I want to get them done. So the person I'm making them for will quit asking about them.

Grilltech's maze socks are also being worked on. One repeat finished, one and a half more to go. We'll talk more about those later.

A view from our driveway.


Galad said...

You have been busy! I need to get some projects finished up.

Beautiful view from the driveway. It's so green!

Amy Lane said...

Wow--lots of good pictures--LOVE the purse, LOVE the socks--I get the whole "I'm done. Whatever!" deal--done that! And it looks like a lovely neighborhood!