Cursed Socks

Today I'm wearing my sacrifice cursed socks. I picked them out last night, woke up about 2300 and I. Could. Not. Get. Back. To. Sleep. I believe I drifted off about 0030 or so. When the alarm went off this at o'dark thirty, I hit snooze three, maybe four times. On Friday I had left my ID in the computer using the reader under the desk - because the one in the keyboard doesn't work for me. Grilltech came home Friday night asking where the card was; uhhh in my bag? Nope in your drawer because BBQ Partner put it there. I get into work pull the card out, try to log in. Nope it's locked. So for the first hour of my day, I couldn't log into one computer. The company will now spend a couple of hours driving me out to the base. Cheers for me! More knitting time.

I'm starting the fingers on the glove. Which means I'm almost done!! Yesterday I started the 1bag, it's a fairly easy knit. I used Samurai Knitter's provisional cast on. It's pretty clever, I'll be using it more as needed. I left the finger lengths at home, so I'll knit the pinkie two inches long then stop. I don't want to go longer than that.

The day of locked account is continuing. It appears the account locks on its own with little provocation. Which means most of my morning has been spent walking between my desk and Grilltech's. I've logged out of the other computer so Bob can install software OT isn't able to get installed.

It also appears the cursed socks blew up the database. Maybe it wasn't the socks, it was all the corrupted data. All I know is it's not working and until Bob gets it fixed, reports can't be run.

Sharks and serial killers, who knew? Speaking of serial killers, Amy you'll get a kick out of this. The weekend we picked up My Bloody Valentine. Yea, not so much, turns out I grabbed the 1981 version. We watched it anyway, because we're both lazy. I kept pointing out things that people don't do anymore like smoking in buildings. Pull-top tabs. No cell phones. MICROFICHE!

OMG!! Nothing like jumping back in the workout routine after (cough, cough) a couple of weeks off. My arms are ready to fall off. I'm off to cook dinner and collapse into bed.


emicat said...

Those aren't cursed socks, those are cute socks! :) Although there was some Monday wackiness going on today, wasn't there?

I love the 1bag - look forward to seeing yours! I've had requests from coworkers to make them, but most of them are not worthy of one, heehee.

I miss pull-top tabs. Watching movies/shows w/ smoking in the building is definitely a weird sight for me too.

Amy Lane said...

Okay--I'm still inclined to blame the cursed socks-just because YOU CAN! And I'm laughing about the My Bloody Valentine snafu--the only reason I watched that darned movie was for the hot veal on the hoof! (He's 31 now--does that make him legally beef, or is he still veal?)

Galad said...

I'm with blaming the cursed socks - it's as good an explanation as any for all the snafus.

Lovs2Knit said...

I'm all for blaming cursed socks, mittens, hats, you name it. I think that was the same night I tossed and turned all night. I need to get my butt moving and start my exercise routine again. I've been so lazy the last few weeks.