List Day!

  • Counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • Saw one coyote
  • And a halo around a full moon
  • Spilled my cup of ice on the desk
  • I figured it would be a good idea to put the lid on my cup for the day
  • It appears that NIT1 isn't coming in OR he's really, really late
  • There is a goose nesting on top of the doors to the building (we have an airlock)
  • NIT1 showed up almost an hour late
  • A Scalloped Edging
  • Another cloudy, possibly rainy day
  • More coding frustration
  • Sketched out a design
  • Has had to throw the fat kitty off her chair... twice
  • I'm so happy today is over and tomorrow is Friday
  • Oh yea, I don't have a good plan for the group on Saturday Night


Thank you for all the lovely comments about Haruni. It was really easy to make, even with color issue. I'm currently thinking on the next project. Grilltech wants his afghan done, and I do work on it. But it's not what I wanna knit. So, I'm looking and debating and decided I'll end up designing my own shawlette. I have visions of lace and cables. Very Faroese. This one will be mine. All mine. Stop laughing, it could happen.

Not sure what was going on today. I passed two officers pretty close to home on the drive in. When Grilltech came into work he said there were three officers parked outside the building. No one seems to know what that was about.

At work, I've been writing some code. Fixed an issue of not getting a data set to load. Finally got it. Now 116 different errors popped up. I'm calling it quits while I can.

A light...

at the end of the tunnel? Only three more rows, then bind off!!

List Day!

  • Counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • No unusual wildlife crossing my path on the way to work
  • Either I turned off my alarm this morning or forgot to turn it on
  • But I still made it to work on time
  • Today is my Friday
  • And the databases are running slow
  • Ha! I didn't run out of pink, I switched on purpose
  • The colorway I was looking for is Austermann Step Duetts 55
  • It's like knitting gods are mocking me
  • It's the first picture, I pulled that up and thought of course
  • The sky was almost clear early in the morning, now it's mostly cloudy
  • Two more hours to go
  • And the database is still crawling
  • Day is over and I'm home knitting

Drive by Posting

First thunder storm of the season. Uggy is now hiding under the bed.

More Inner Conversation Fun

  • Me: It's almost done.. Last 27 rows. I'm so happy.
  • Inner Critic: You're going to run out of yarn.
  • Me:Will not! I've got plenty. Besides, you *always* think I'll run out.
  • IC: Whatever.
  • Me much later: Crap! I'm going to run out of yarn.
  • IC: I told you so, but noooo..
  • Me: Shut up, if you're not going to be part of the solution, I don't want to hear from you.
  • IC: Check Ravlery
  • Me: Smart. (tappity, tappity, tappity) Ravlery doesn't have it. (Google it, find one store that has it in stock. Place the order and continue on knitting happily.)

  • Store Owner: Hi, you placed an on line order, just want to verify it. Colorway 50, right?
  • Me:No, it should be 55.
  • SO: 55? (tappity, tappity, tappity) They don't make 55, are you sure?
  • Me: Yea, I'm looking at the band.
  • SO: Well, we don't have it, do you still want the order?
  • Me: No, thank you for the follow up
  • *grumble, grumble*

  • I'm digging through the stash, trying to find something that will contrast or look good. I come back with two choices.
  • IC: You're not going to have enough of the pink...
  • ME:SHUT UP!!!

List Day!

  • I counted seven cars at the bar this morning
  • I left my phone at home on my desk
  • Thankfully, I was able to call Grilltech to have him bring it to me
  • Convert was suppose to come back to work today, but she didn't make it
  • I started the seventh row of the new chart, but it wasn't looking right, so I ripped it back
  • I got my needles
  • Surprisingly, I haven't used them yet, but will to make another Presto Chango
  • I have a craving for coconut
  • And a strong desire for a nap
  • NIT1* must have read my mind, he asked if I wanted anything from the Quik-E-Mart
  • My day is officially half over
  • Know what would make a Mounds bar even better? Almonds
  • Damn, I missed an awesome meteor
  • I found a five on my desk last night
  • Mounds is not the same thing as an Almond Joy
  • There are three kittens frolicking across the street
  • Time to shop

* NIT1 - New and Improved Thing 1


Starting the last 27 rows (really, 56 but who's counting?!). I'd show you a picture, but you've seen it before.

Elegant and Graceful

Yesterday we made home burgers full of chopped onions and Anaheim peppers. At one point, I rubbed my right eye and it burned for about an hour.

Today, I'm making soup. It's full of onions, bok choy, carrots, mushrooms and yip, Anaheim peppers.

Guess who forgot to pull out her contacts before starting the soup?

WIP Friday

Fran had to come out and make sure I was taking pictures right. Of course, she really couldn't tell what I was doing because her back was to me.

Proof I still do knit for me. Every time I work on these socks, I think of windy autumn days. Look out side and realize it's windy spring days.

I'm about 2.5 repeats away from starting the edging. I'm thinking about working on this all weekend.

I think Grilltech would prefer if I worked on his blanket a bit more. But spring is here, he doesn't need a throw.

Baby Bird ended up with the shaker sweater I made for the LYS. I brushed BB's hair to get a good picture of her, and ended up making her cry.

Yip, yet another generation who isn't happy with me. But she looks good in it.

List Day!

  • I counted three fire trucks, one EMT vehicle, and one blue/red light special on the way to work
  • On the other hand, I only counted one car at the bar this morning
  • The moon was a half eaten peach, low on the eastern horizon
  • The right system had a software push during the night, now the download is broken
  • Broken to the point, Procreator is required to spend many days hours programming to fix it
  • I'm betting days, but don't want to jinx him
  • Money changes everything
  • Finished the heel on my sock, will pick up the gusset during lunch
  • Who knows, I might even get it done sometime next week
  • Left over stuffed pork chops from last night with corn bread stuffing
  • Grilltech offered me a stargazing trip this weekend
  • The grey skies have two days to clear up! And I mean it!
  • I need to go brush my teeth, side of pork is stuck in them
  • Damn, I'm out of water
  • On the plus side, it's almost lunch time
  • Oh yea, I've already eaten lunch. Guess it's time to knit!
  • Stuck between the loud talkers and trying to listen to the voicemail...
  • House burgers for dinner tonight
  • It doesn't appear to be raining right now, but it might try later while Grilltech is grilling dinner
  • Picked up the gusset and managed three or four rows of decreases
  • The rain has started
  • Perky got my hopes up, telling me the needles had shown up
  • But it wasn't them, now I'm sad
  • Going out for coffee with Christy


About a month ago, Grilltech's pickup died. We've been car pooling and waiting for our tax return to show up. It showed up two weeks later than expected; but it did show. Grilltech has been researching pickups in the area and found on one way home. We test drove it and when he started it there was the tell-tale high pitched tapping. As he drove around; each double tap caused the asking price in my head to drop. I looked over at him and said no. So he went with the second option; one I had said Seriously? The guy can't spell and the pickup looks rode hard and put away wet. Grilltech called him and he took the battered little thing for a drive - which runs like a dream and has some serious power under the hood. So today we're going to get some CAH-ASH* for it. We're going to be a two car family again.

* CAH-ASH – who uses that anymore? I’ve got a plastic card…

List Day!

  • I'd love to have some (scroll down)
  • Yesterday there were five cars, today there was one
  • Not sure about a pair of these contacts
  • Need to figure out what I'm going to have the gang do this week
  • I was happy to see the return of birds nesting on my way home
  • Until I realized it was a flying rat Canadian Goose instead of my birds-of-prey
  • My ID fell out of it's holder when I out of the car this morning
  • Naturally I didn't know until I go to sign in, then I hunted all over my desk for it
  • Looks like another possible snowy day
  • SPAM, mystery meat in a can
  • It did snow today