List Day!

  • I'd love to have some (scroll down)
  • Yesterday there were five cars, today there was one
  • Not sure about a pair of these contacts
  • Need to figure out what I'm going to have the gang do this week
  • I was happy to see the return of birds nesting on my way home
  • Until I realized it was a flying rat Canadian Goose instead of my birds-of-prey
  • My ID fell out of it's holder when I out of the car this morning
  • Naturally I didn't know until I go to sign in, then I hunted all over my desk for it
  • Looks like another possible snowy day
  • SPAM, mystery meat in a can
  • It did snow today


Galad said...

How about bionic contacts with knitting charts?

Donna Lee said...

Snow, again? Sorry to hear that. It was finally dry and sunny here for more than one day!

Amy Lane said...

Oh dude... I'd use some Quackmere... (buhahahaha...)

Linda said...

You had snow - we had summer. 90 degrees!