WIP Friday

Fran had to come out and make sure I was taking pictures right. Of course, she really couldn't tell what I was doing because her back was to me.

Proof I still do knit for me. Every time I work on these socks, I think of windy autumn days. Look out side and realize it's windy spring days.

I'm about 2.5 repeats away from starting the edging. I'm thinking about working on this all weekend.

I think Grilltech would prefer if I worked on his blanket a bit more. But spring is here, he doesn't need a throw.

Baby Bird ended up with the shaker sweater I made for the LYS. I brushed BB's hair to get a good picture of her, and ended up making her cry.

Yip, yet another generation who isn't happy with me. But she looks good in it.


Roxie said...

The shaker sweater is grand! Did you pull that poor child's hair?

Fran looks like a wonderful photographer's model. She's blonde, blase, and self-absorbed.

emicat said...

You've got so many projects going you're putting me to shame! I need to get caught up, seriously.

Looking forward to a sunny weekend in the Seattle area - hope you, Grilltech and the fam have a great weekend!

Amy Lane said...

So purty... BB looks adorable! I love your WIPs--you do such lovely work!

Galad said...

You have so many great projects going! I can't believe how big BB is getting. I'm sure the sweater will be worth the hair issues she had to withstand for her picture :-)

Donna Lee said...

I had long curly hair as a child and hair brushing was torture. My sympathies are with BB.

I have such a soft spot for self patterning yarn. It's like a miracle to me.