List Day!

  • Counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • No unusual wildlife crossing my path on the way to work
  • Either I turned off my alarm this morning or forgot to turn it on
  • But I still made it to work on time
  • Today is my Friday
  • And the databases are running slow
  • Ha! I didn't run out of pink, I switched on purpose
  • The colorway I was looking for is Austermann Step Duetts 55
  • It's like knitting gods are mocking me
  • It's the first picture, I pulled that up and thought of course
  • The sky was almost clear early in the morning, now it's mostly cloudy
  • Two more hours to go
  • And the database is still crawling
  • Day is over and I'm home knitting


Roxie said...

Enjoy the weekend. I think the extra-terrestials are dicking with computers right now.

Amy Lane said...

You totally took that colorway and ran with it. I'm so boggled... it's beautiful!

If my alarm doesn't go off, my world screeches to a halt.