List Day!

  • I counted seven cars at the bar this morning
  • I left my phone at home on my desk
  • Thankfully, I was able to call Grilltech to have him bring it to me
  • Convert was suppose to come back to work today, but she didn't make it
  • I started the seventh row of the new chart, but it wasn't looking right, so I ripped it back
  • I got my needles
  • Surprisingly, I haven't used them yet, but will to make another Presto Chango
  • I have a craving for coconut
  • And a strong desire for a nap
  • NIT1* must have read my mind, he asked if I wanted anything from the Quik-E-Mart
  • My day is officially half over
  • Know what would make a Mounds bar even better? Almonds
  • Damn, I missed an awesome meteor
  • I found a five on my desk last night
  • Mounds is not the same thing as an Almond Joy
  • There are three kittens frolicking across the street
  • Time to shop

* NIT1 - New and Improved Thing 1


Amy Lane said...

Mmm.. Almond JOy is an awesome invention. Love it!

Hey-- it was a good yummy hot guys the other night!

Megan said...

I'm curious to hear how you like the needles. I've been thinking about getting an interchangeable set, although honestly, I don't need any more needles.