List Day!

  • I counted three fire trucks, one EMT vehicle, and one blue/red light special on the way to work
  • On the other hand, I only counted one car at the bar this morning
  • The moon was a half eaten peach, low on the eastern horizon
  • The right system had a software push during the night, now the download is broken
  • Broken to the point, Procreator is required to spend many days hours programming to fix it
  • I'm betting days, but don't want to jinx him
  • Money changes everything
  • Finished the heel on my sock, will pick up the gusset during lunch
  • Who knows, I might even get it done sometime next week
  • Left over stuffed pork chops from last night with corn bread stuffing
  • Grilltech offered me a stargazing trip this weekend
  • The grey skies have two days to clear up! And I mean it!
  • I need to go brush my teeth, side of pork is stuck in them
  • Damn, I'm out of water
  • On the plus side, it's almost lunch time
  • Oh yea, I've already eaten lunch. Guess it's time to knit!
  • Stuck between the loud talkers and trying to listen to the voicemail...
  • House burgers for dinner tonight
  • It doesn't appear to be raining right now, but it might try later while Grilltech is grilling dinner
  • Picked up the gusset and managed three or four rows of decreases
  • The rain has started
  • Perky got my hopes up, telling me the needles had shown up
  • But it wasn't them, now I'm sad
  • Going out for coffee with Christy

1 comment:

Amy Lane said...

It's always a good lunch when you knit!!! (I finished socks for Squish that way!)