1000 Words

Down the street on a cloudy day

I had to darn four pairs of Grilltech's socks. I don't know how he's so hard hard of them. If you look close, you can see I've repaired some of these socks before.

Gud Fud?

The cat is now sitting on my tools, in an attempt to get me to feed them good food.   Annoying pest!

I'm Not Ready

The trees in the parking lot are turning yellow. I'm not ready for fall and winter. Fall isn't that bad, but winter? No!!


Took the car to the shop yesterday. $430 dollars later, I no longer have a check engine light.

List Day

  • I counted one car at the bar this morning
  • The cats have decided to let me live
  • It's cooled down enough to knit at night
  • It was one of those mornings. Hit most of the lights red and where we usually get Friday's breakfast was closed
  • I have two monitors, one shows more pink the other tan... Not sure which is correct
  • Two hours to go, then it's the weekend
  • Keep getting a wrong number call at work
  • The day is over... I'm glad!!

1000 Words

It's been really too hot to knit. About a week ago, the temperature broke and I've been able to pick up the needles.

Down the street on a cool fall day:

Remember the old soda pop ring pot holders? I made another one:

A shopping bag that I leave at home when shopping...

A pair of fingerless mitts for hunting season:

The first sock for a friend of mine:

A pair of socks for me:


I'm being watched very closely by the cats. They're waiting for good food. I'd better do it quickly before they decide to assassinate me.


Making biscuits and gravy for breakfast today.