A Tail of a Cat

Grilltech made beer on Sunday, a pumpkin porter. It smelled very yummy. The down side? Here is Fran before the beer was made. She how white and pretty she is there - she almost looks as if she's knitting the black sock.

Here she is after the beer. I can't figure out how she got so black so fast. Actually I can, it's from all the soot from his pans. I scrubbed the wort pot clean. Black soot was everywhere in the kitchen. Not really, but it's my story and I'll exaggerate all I want. My right hand still has black on it that won't come clean.

I've started the toe on the sock. I'm so excited. Yesterday I had a moment of OMG I think I've lost my sock knitting. I packed up my stuff from work like normal to rush out the door. (Yes, I rushed out.) I went to the gym, did my time workout. Since I had the car and Grilltech was home sleeping, I went to the LYS. I opened my purse to pull out the sock and it wasn't there!! I sat there stunned for a few seconds before M handed me the store project to knit on. I was too tired and sore to really stress where the sock had wandered off to. Turns out I had put it in my lunch bag, not my purse. Funny? Not so much at the time.

w00t! I'm an admin on my work machine. Which means I can install software on my machine; stupid software updates. Yeah, if I'm not looking at all three sites, I won't find the guy located across the country if I'm in my site only. GRRR! Finished yelling at an area lead because he put in an event then was in room stating it needs to be approved. Hellooo, if you put in the event less then a minute ago, it's going to take me at least a minute to pull it up and process it.

Okay, is it annoy Knittech day? Had to have two people talking about Heroes move away from my desk. I'll watch the show tonight and I don't want to hear them telling me their spin on it.

Something to talk about

I'm just dragging. Sunday's sleep wasn't exactly the best I've had. I couldn't get to sleep and the sleep I did get wasn't restful. Today, I would love to put my head on the desk and nap. I think that would be very, very bad if I was caught napping on the job.

I'm pretty close to finishing the first of the black socks. I was knitting them both at the same time, but I got tired of not making any progress so I'm back to one sock at a time. I have about two more inches to go before I start the toe. If these socks were for Grilltech, I'd be at the toe already; but I've got two more inches to go.

It seem I'm going to have a nasty bout of loud hiccups. I hate it when I get them. Granny told me once long ago, I sneeze like a kitten; but I hiccup like a drunken sailor. (I added the last part. I really don't want to think that my Grandmother hung out with drunken sailors.)

Next year, we (Grilltech and I) get to go pick huckleberries. He's wanting to make Meade, and D won't give him the berries. I'm wondering what I could wear to keep the mosquitoes away from me. (For those who are unaware, huckleberries are guarded by hordes of ravenous mosquitoes.)

On Saturday, Perky and I went to a fashion show put on at the LYS. I fell in love with a pattern there, so instead of building a pink shrug, I'm going to make Lilith. I picked up the yarn, and should have the pattern this week. In two weeks, I'll be off to lace camp! It will give me something lacy to work on while at camp.

Grilltech made a pumpkin porter this weekend. The kitchen is a mess. While he's at school tonight, I should get it somewhat cleaned up. Or I can watch, Chuck. Not that I'll really stay up that late and watch TV.

Is it hot in here or is it just me?!

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Guess what Grilltech got....

It's cloudy and gray out side. The kind of day I'd expect it to be raining every time I pass a window, but it's not. The wind is still so the leaves are still on the trees and green. But today, I thought they'd be turning the autumn colors of yellow, red, and orange. Instead they taunt me with a prolonged summer. In my heart I know it's not going to last. The biting cold will be coming, it's a matter of time. Which makes me glad I'm a knitter.

Ice Queen Modified: Added another repeat and more rows then called for.

Close up of the work:

List Day!

  • Misread title: Study: Sexy Men Earn More Than Men Who View Women as Equals

  • I'm such a dork fish.

  • Actual title: Study: Sexist Men Earn More Than Men Who View Women as Equals

  • Knitted two round on the sweater last night.

  • Grilltech taped Heroes last night, so no talking about the show until I watch it today.

  • The cats think I need to put the electric blanket on the bed.

  • I'm wearing a jacket, but I'm still a bit cold.

  • Crappy, closed Excel without saving my spreadsheet.

  • Is it time to go home yet?

  • I like the Pringles Stix.

  • I'm saving this every time I change windows.

  • Grilltech got a package in the mail yesterday. And he can't open it...

  • The socks I'm working on need to be 11.25 inches long.

  • I took Friday off this week.

  • I <3 staff meetings, because I get to knit.

  • Somehow I managed to completely fubar picking up the gusset on the socks. (Yes it's picked up but not all the stitches are on the same side!!)

  • I forgot to send home my post yesterday, so the list continues today.

  • Worked on the sweater last night. It might get down before I die of old age.

  • The socks are straightened out.

  • Heroes was pretty kewl.

  • It's freezing in here again.

  • I had a nuisance of cats last night, I put the electric blanket on the bed.

  • Sock Summit 2009 (west)

  • I stayed up late last night... 2000 (800PM)!!

  • Does this mean I'm old?

  • I let Grilltech know he can go pick up his birthday present early. He said, but my birthday isn't until Friday. Should I be mean and make him wait?

  • I'm still thinking about getting another tattoo. Which means I'll be getting it in a week or two.

  • Grilltech is obsessing over which camera to get. (His present)

  • I'll be able to post pictures again real soon.

  • Crappy, Google isn't working...

  • Hey remember this?

  • Now he's looking at another camera. He started this quest two weeks ago.

  • Google started working again, must have been a connectivity issue.

  • Fran - the mighty hunter - makes the squirrels nervous.

  • I counted 9 rolls of TP in one (!) stall in the bathroom at work.

  • I like pool day at the gym.

Insert snappy title here

Not much in the way of excitement is happening at Chez Tech. It rained most of the weekend. Which was nice, after the long hot summer. My cat was in hiding due to the thunder. I started the scarf for the Olympics. I'm not thrilled with it, so it will get ripped back. I've started a sock for Grilltech's birthday. I'm on the heel for the black socks; I'm hoping to have them done within two weeks. I did a round on my sweater. Still a bit paranoid, but working on it.

Today is the last day I'll wear these pants. They're way to big. I'm down 40 pounds. I blew off the past week. I made it to the gym, but didn't record everything I ate. I know, not life stopping, but I'm sure the trainer will frown in my general direction.

I'm not sure which is worse. The WOW talkers from the other bay or the sports TALK in this one.

List Day!

  • Happy Friday!!

  • I whined to the cow-orkers, you're not doing your job.

  • Next day, the part I bitched about was done. They blew off something else.

  • I'm having to run the morning reskill script. More blog reading time for me!!

  • The cow-orkers bitched about me not doing X, Y, and Z.

  • The number of businesses with their open signs on at 0330, but aren't open: 2.

  • I took a different route to work this morning, don't know how many cars were at the bar.

  • I finished Ice Queen last night!!!!!

  • One more day at the gym, then it's pool time.

  • It's knit and eat night. I've been such a slacker, I didn't get the soup pulled out of the freezer.

  • Not that I'm counting, but there is 5.5 more hours of work to go.

  • I'm thinking I need to knit myself up a pair of mitts.

  • Oh yea, I had a pair, but let them walk out the door.

  • I'm having a panic attack, that I didn't document the numbers for my sweater, so I won't know how many to cast on for my sleeves.

  • Did I mention how happy I am today's Friday?

  • There is an Artic breeze blowing across my back.

  • Grilltech's birthday is next week and I still haven't knitted him anything.

  • I'm blowing off lunch today, I only have four more hours to go.

Because I'm a Lemming....

And now for something completely different: (Thanks Amy Lane!)

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In Accordance with the Prophecy

And so it begins: the paranoia, the backstabbing, and the crying in the bathroom all because of an e-mail. It says they only have the company's best interests at heart. Which is very true; because we all know a company's heart is the bottom line. My only hope? I make it to December 5th.

Last night I finished the second hat, it's looks pretty much like the girl's hat, but the colors are green and blue. It's pretty sweet looking. I'd show you a picture of it, but Grilltech snatched it up and has to give it to the guy today. Otherwise, the hat might have disappeared into the void between today and tomorrow. (Given the current state of my desk the possibility of the disappearances is high.) So there is no pictures. No showing off how all the blues were on one side, with a single row of blocks spilling over into the green. (Picture the same thing, only in reverse green row in the blue side.) If it was laid flat, there was an almost perfect dividing line with one blue eye and one green looking at you.

After I finished up the hat, I pulled out Ice Queen. I have maybe two more hours to go on it. I hope to have it finished soon TM). I should wander down to the bead store and pick up another hank of beads, because I'm paranoid I'll run out in the middle of the row. (After 1800, when the store is closed and I won't be able to go pick them up until the next day after work and the gym.) Thankfully the beads I chose are pretty inexpensive. Then it will be one more thing off my list of things screaming to be finished.

Speaking of paranoia, I'm not sure what do with the mallard sweater. I suppose I should keep working on it and get it done before I lose so much weight it won't fit. Then I can find it a lovely home - or put it on display down at the LYS. I won't talk about the little voice in the back of my head whispering it's too small. If it's too small now, does that mean by time I finish; it will fit correctly?

I've decided how I'm going to knit up the Olympic scarf. I'll take liberty with Garterlac Dishcloth. Every two rows (there and back) I'll switch between the blue and white. In my mind it looks great (and it's done!) I'm hoping it turns out well in real life.

Back to the datamine; I wonder how soon before the layoff reach this side of the street.

Full of Grace and Elegance

I am a dumbass. Do you want proof of my latest achievement? I tripped and broke my moonstone bracelet at the gym. Did I say tripped? I meant, Perky tried to push me down and kick me to death. I managed to fend her off, but in the scuffle, she broke my bracelet. (Okay, so I was going to the bikes and didn't notice the chromed ridge separating the bikes from the free weights. I tripped, caught myself from falling scrapped my left wrist up pretty good and broke my pretty.) I think the bracelet can be fixed, I couldn't find the needle nose pliers at 1830 (6:30 PM). I was drooping pretty badly. Instead of doing only one set of 10, I decided I could to two sets. I think my legs will forgive me.... eventually.

After the gym, I had Perky take me to the thrift store. I pants I have are so loose if I didn't where a belt, they'd fall off. I grabbed two different sizes to try on. One I knew wouldn't fit it's like 30 sizes too small. (Okay, it was the 20-22 range.) I tried on the size I thought I was. Guess what? I'm still too big for those also by about two inches. ARRRUGHHHH!! So I put the pants back and will try again in about 20 pounds.

So this morning I'm sitting at my desk, daydreaming about... a blackberry fruit pie. I'm so pathetic. I ate my pear and the craving for the most part has gone away. But a fruit pie? How sad is that?

Knitting content? There is none because I was too beat to knit last night. Not completely true, I did get to the pattern on the second sock. Granted most of the knitting happened in yesterday's staff meeting.

I was knitting along on the sock, was counting out the stitches for the switch. Much to my dismay I realized I had dropped a stitch at the last cable. There was much swearing on my part, and the sock was stuffed into the bag. Lunch was over anyway, so it was going to get stuffed in the bag. On the next break, I dropped the two stitches down, pick up the dropped stitch (it was only three rows) and fixed the problem. The kicker? No cable needle was involved.

Chicken Soup

The pictures are:

I thought about adding some notes, but didn't get around to it last night. Thanks for the positive comments about the loss. Its starting to get a bit difficult to eat the healthy stuff. Because we all know mounds and reisens are God's proof he loves us.

Since I don't have any other knitting progress to report here is my Chicken Barley recipe:

1 (or more) carrot diced
1 Leek (or onion) diced
1 bochoy diced
1 Anaheim pepper diced
1 package sliced mushrooms
olive oil or butter (to taste)

I sweat the veggies until they're soft for faster cooking time. (Otherwise put the stock, water and veggies on to simmer for 2-3 hours until soft.)

1/2 gallon Chicken stock
3-4 cups water
1 cup barley (rinsed)
2 cups cooked chicken diced

Add the stock, water, and barley simmer for 20 minutes (or until the barley is tender). Add chicken and spices; heat until chicken is warm. Serve with potato rolls.

Seasonings (to taste):
Garlic (can use fresh, sweat with the rest of the veggies)
Chipotle pepper

Since it's the two of us, the recipe has been pared back. I despise celery, so I use bochoy instead. One time I used parsnips instead of carrots. It's pretty versatile.

The chicken stock is homemade because we eat a lot of chicken. The cooked chicken is also leftovers.


  • I can't think of a good post, so it's a list day.

  • I've lost 30 pounds so far.

  • I finished a hat!!

  • I'm a dumbass who forgot to bring her gym bag today.

  • There was four cars at the bar.

  • I left my jacket at home as well, because I thought it's not to chilly. I was wrong.

  • I stayed up until the wee hours of the night. 2030 (8:30 PM). Today, I'm dead tired.

  • What's the second rule of Fight Club?

  • Do you think the Gnome would notice if I napped at my desk?

  • Grilltech broke a tooth and has missed two days of work.

  • I'll need to purchase smaller clothes soon.

  • Today is meeting day. Good thing I have my knitting.

  • Perky was trying figure out Entrelac knitting last night.

  • I'm starting to get warm.

  • My phone keeps chirping at me to charge it.

  • I think I'm going to blow the gym off today.

  • Is it bad to tell people I popped Grilltech in the mouth and broke his tooth?

  • My PDA (MP3 player) needs to be charged also.

  • I should go heat up my soup. (Chicken barley soup - homemade YUM!)

  • I was dreaming about CAC's last night.

  • I'm plotting a shrug currently because it's chilly in the building.

  • I still have a bunch of projects on the needles and I'm thinking of starting another one. I must be insane.

  • One of today's meetings has been pushed until tomorrow.

  • I'm thinking of picking up some mushrooms and onion to go with tonight's steak.

  • I swear the guy I share the computer with is deaf; he has both the computer and phone volume cranked up.

  • I'm finally warm, thank God for soup.

  • A co-worker is eating Frito's. Bastard.

  • Perky left me a voice mail calling me a slacker.

  • It smells like garlic bagels in the bay.

  • Two more hours to go.

  • The last hour of the day is dragging.

  • Grilltech needs a crown.

  • The phone finally died.

  • A lady tried to pull out in front of me. Then decided that would be bad; in the middle of my lane.

A Post... barely

  • I feel human again.

  • I am sore from the gym.

  • UTI's suck. 'Enuff said.

  • I've been too out of it to even knit.

  • I forgot to count the cars at the bar this morning.

  • It's pretty sad when I can't even come up with a good list.

When I do something...

I do it right. I'm recovering from being sick. Not sure when I'll be back.

I lied....

Grilltech's not getting home until about 1900 (7 PM) or later. Picture will be on Tuesday instead.