List Day

  • There were two cars at the bar this morning
  • Jury duty is done. We found him guilty of raping and battering his cellmate
  • Yes, you read that right
  • Today is a crappy Monday. I've got a ton of catch up to do
  • Swimming with C on Saturday at 0700
  • Knitting with Nightowl on Saturday at 1500
  • Looks like Saturday will be busy
  • When my phone rings, everyone laughs
  • Grilltech has a doctor's appointment today, so I'm leaving early
  • Time to get the soup started, then it will be karate time

I'm a Dumbass...

I had jury duty again this week. I had to show up this time, which meant I had to be there at 0800. I took out Grilltech's socks because we're not suppose to have any knitting needles or crochet hooks at the court house. I dug out some wood DPNS and cotton yarn, put them into my bag because I'm not one to not have any knitting around.

I'm standing in line with my purse in the plastic bin. It goes through the X-ray machine while I walk through the metal detector, which goes off on me. I had to stand with my arm spread while the guard wands me. Mean while, my purse is sent through three times. I get sent over and the guard asks me to pull out my keys. I hand them to him, and the purse goes through again. He shakes his head tells me, there is something else in my purse. So I start digging and pull out a small knife. Fuck! I'm such a dumbass. He looks at me, gives me a lecture about not bringing weapons to the court house and since I was a juror he would be nice and hold it for me.

He then asks if I have any crochet hooks for the yarn in my purse. I look him straight in the eye and tell him, honestly Nope, no crochet hooks. He didn't notice the wood needles and I wasn't going to point them out.

Yip, I'm a lying dumbass but it was worth it.

1000 Words

Down the street on a rainy three day weekend:

Finished the last baby sweater:

Fran helping out:


Get off work early - check
Go shopping - check
Pick up Baby Bird's present - check
Swept and mopped the kitchen - check
Vacuumed the house - check
Finished the baby sweater - check (even buttons sewed on and ends woven in)
Wrapped presents - will need to do it tomorrow
Make potato salad for potluck - will need to go to the store (again)
Go for walk around the block - soon as I get off the computer
Feed the cats good food - will do it when I get back

List Day

  • Counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • I think I turned off the alarm this morning, but still managed to make it to work on time
  • I don't know what it is, but I like the smell of coffee when it's brewing - don't like to drink the vile stuff
  • We went to a thrift store yesterday, there were several crocheted blankets there made from RHSS from the 70's and 80's. It made me sad to see them there
  • It looks dark and foreboding out there, which means the humidity is up in the 80's
  • Panic attack of did I remove OT for the week I'm working in? Whew, I had
  • Someone is talking about me, my ears are burning
  • Interesting, I'm torn because that's better than being interned in the ground
  • The other place on the drive home has steak salad for lunch
  • It's a karate night
  • Have a good one

Blah Monday

It's already the week before Memorial Day? Where did the week of the 13th go? Hell, since I'm asking where time went, might as well ask about the year 2011.

This Saturday is Baby Bird's fifth birthday. She'll be FIVE?! Already? Which means my birthday isn't that far away. Hopefully since I'm living in a time warp, this week will go by fast.

On Saturday, we went and saw my parents. I gave them their presents. D got her butterfly earrings, which she loved (late Mother's day). Dad got his birthday present the vest and an early Father's day present; the complete set of The Greatest American Hero. The vest could have used a bit longer arm holes, but it still fit and he liked it.

I've almost completed the last baby sweater I'll be knitting for a while. I must say, the one good thing is they're fast knits. I'll post a finished picture when I'm done.

List Day

  • Counted four cars at the bar this morning
  • We might be working rich
  • There is a solar eclipse on Sunday - click on your state for more details
  • Perky is still evil, however, today is pool day then karate
  • The heroin, herring heron flew by the window
  • I ripped out the wash cloth I had been working on and started again. I had too many stitches
  • Deep fried pickles, Oreos, Snickers, and/or even Twinkies, but butter-on-a-stick is a bit much
  • A new Peanut Butter Banana ice cream flavor for Grilltech to keep an eye out for
  • Enough of the food porn
  • Is this why I'm a dumbass?
  • Found a dollar on the floor
  • Now I've got a headache
  • Pool was fun
  • And for dinner I get to grill hotdogs, while Grilltech mows the lawn

1000 Words

Down the street on a warm sunny day:

I don't know how he does it, but Grilltech had these socks for six months before he wore a hole in them. I was reading the forums and they had talked about the Darn Easy, I went out to ebay and picked it for about 15 bucks. Instead of rubber bands, I used Goody Ouchless hair bands. They worked like a charm.

It took me about 30 minutes to fix the hole. I'm sure Roxie would have them nice and even (she's a weaver). Pretty good for my first time.

I finished the baby sweater.

I've finished knitting the additional length to Grilltech's sweater. Now, I've got to graph 400+ stitches. I'm not good at that, so I'm making a dish cloth or two, so I've got something to practice with.

For Mother's day, Perky and Kommadant took me and his mom to the Idaho Aquarium. Grilltech got a nice picture of all of us feeding the fish.

And every aquarium has a lizard, right? When he jumped into the pool, all the fish scattered!

List Day

  • There were no cars at the bar yesterday, today there was three
  • Summer is coming, I can tell because the sky is starting to turn blue before 0600
  • We've been doing some routine workouts, along with the pool. Yesterday was the pool and today I'm sore. WTH?!
  • Might have talked Perky into taking karate with us. The guys don't want to do some of the holds with me, because I'm a girl and they might accidentally touch boobs
  • Maybe the world doesn't end in December 2012 after all
  • Today is MIL's birthday
  • It's also Sensei's soon* to be wife birthday
  • *Soon in geological terms
  • Guess who has jury duty again for the week of the 27th?
  • The heron flew by the window
  • I've been reviewing Ravelry for the next top I want to make for me
  • The fans are going making a background hum that is making me uneasy
  • A chart generator for knitting (and this)
  • Funny, I looked out the window two hours later and there is another contrail almost in the same area as earlier
  • I think I'll keep Twisted as a link for when I'm up for buying yarn
  • There was a God awful twenty minutes of I lost my badges
  • Turns out they fell into my underwear
  • It's time to go home

FO Monday

Down the street on Sunday:

Finished my latest project. Any guesses?

How about now? It's a Baby Surprise Jacket (Rav)

I'm trying to decide which buttons look the best. The top (purple) would give a splash of color and bring out the other colors. The middle (pearl) would give it a classy look, and the bottom (black) would be safe. It's suppose to be for a girl, so I do have some choices.

Remember Grilltech's Sweater? While he liked it well enough, it wasn't long enough. So it's been sitting in my to do pile for three or four months. I'm now taking it apart to add another three or four inches (maybe double if I find other skein).

I've certainly grown as a knitter, five years ago I wouldn't have dreamed of doing anything like that.

List Day

  • I counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • Watched a heron fly across the field on yesterday's drive to the gym
  • We're doing squats in our work out routine, I blame Perky
  • My thighs are killing me sore
  • Two days ago, a bird flew into the window here at work. I can still see some feathers and his outline where he hit
  • Two hours to go, I can do them....
  • Forgot to check the lottery ticket, might be working rich
  • Turns out, we wasn't working rich
  • I was lazy and forgot to post this two days ago
  • Avengers is really good
  • I've got the headache from hell
  • And there is cloud coverage, how are we going to be able to see the supermoon?

FO Wednesday

Down the street:

Dad's vest is done!