List Day

  • There were two cars at the bar this morning
  • Jury duty is done. We found him guilty of raping and battering his cellmate
  • Yes, you read that right
  • Today is a crappy Monday. I've got a ton of catch up to do
  • Swimming with C on Saturday at 0700
  • Knitting with Nightowl on Saturday at 1500
  • Looks like Saturday will be busy
  • When my phone rings, everyone laughs
  • Grilltech has a doctor's appointment today, so I'm leaving early
  • Time to get the soup started, then it will be karate time


Roxie said...

Yeah, you rarely see girl scouts being brought to trial when you're on jury duty. The gnarly underbelly of life shows up there.

Donna Lee said...

Ugh. Nasty trial. I'm glad it's over. Soup sounds delicious. I have a grocery shopping trip and then an empty weekend. I love it.

Sandra said...

great ringtone! I have several, depending on who is calling. My boss gets Mission Impossible, my husband is The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - he a big Clint fan, but it's also an indication of how I might be feeling about him. Son has Hawaii Five-O, and so on. I think I need the Drama one for my best friend...