List Day

  • There were no cars at the bar yesterday, today there was three
  • Summer is coming, I can tell because the sky is starting to turn blue before 0600
  • We've been doing some routine workouts, along with the pool. Yesterday was the pool and today I'm sore. WTH?!
  • Might have talked Perky into taking karate with us. The guys don't want to do some of the holds with me, because I'm a girl and they might accidentally touch boobs
  • Maybe the world doesn't end in December 2012 after all
  • Today is MIL's birthday
  • It's also Sensei's soon* to be wife birthday
  • *Soon in geological terms
  • Guess who has jury duty again for the week of the 27th?
  • The heron flew by the window
  • I've been reviewing Ravelry for the next top I want to make for me
  • The fans are going making a background hum that is making me uneasy
  • A chart generator for knitting (and this)
  • Funny, I looked out the window two hours later and there is another contrail almost in the same area as earlier
  • I think I'll keep Twisted as a link for when I'm up for buying yarn
  • There was a God awful twenty minutes of I lost my badges
  • Turns out they fell into my underwear
  • It's time to go home


Galad said...

Definitely time to go home. Have a great weekend!

Roxie said...

Lost your badgers? They fell into your underwear? You didn't notice badgers in your underwear?

Donna Lee said...

Ok, it's definitely Monday morning. I swear I read that the Heroin flew past the window (and I was picturing little bags of white powder.....)

Then I swear I read that you had badgers in your underwear (not unlike Roxie).

I think I need to go home and the day hasn't started.