List Day!

  • You can be late or sick, but you can't be both.

  • Dude, today works. You don't have to give me the exact date.

  • I was <..> this close to being hit in the face with the bathroom door.

  • I forgot to set the alarm last night, good thing Grilltech woke up in time.

  • I went to bed at 1839 (6:39 PM) last night; and still could have slept longer this morning.

  • Honey, a pretty floral skirt, combat boots, and ripped fishnet stockings is not a look a fluffy, middle aged woman should be sporting.

  • When the fans shut down in the here, it becomes very quite.

  • I hate being treated like I'm an idiot. (Phone call to tech support; and she didn't speak English well.)

  • There are eight rolls of TP in the stall in the ladies room.

  • There was six cars in the bar parking lot and two men standing there talking.

  • The Gnome has three minutes before I get off the conference call.

  • I could have gotten a hair cut and my nails done on way into work this morning. NOT!

  • I'm leaving early today, but have to come in on Saturday to make up the time.

  • Fair trade.... Since I asked to do it.

  • Took the car to the mechanic; while there I could hear another mechanic swearing loudly from the garage.

  • I wonder if the swearing at a car works the same as swearing at a computer.

  • Amy the Christmas Cards are now on the kitchen table.

  • Does anyone know off the top of their heads how much stamps cost?

  • I've got the list of stuff I need to pick up for dinner tomorrow.

  • I'm going to make a coconut cream pie today.

  • Perky is coming over to watch yummy, yummy hot guys.

  • I left the conference call after seven minutes.

  • This list was made over several days, so it may seem a bit disjointed.

  • I'm blowing off the gym today.

  • I may even blow it off tomorrow as well

  • Dude, after calling in late, you don't need to call in again and say yea, I wasn't late after all.
  • One of the cow-orkers was pissed at me today.

  • Oh well, he'll get over it... or not.

  • Have a good one, I'm off to get shopping Thanksgiving started.

  • I've got my Christmas shopping started.... in my head.

  • I can have a Night of Pleasure from an e-mail. Impressive.

I got nothin'

Saturday, Perky and I spent the day watching Supernatural. (Or as Perky puts it Yummy, yummy hot guys.) I really enjoy the show. I have a couple of issues. Very first episode. Dean and Sam are going at each other using karate. Here in season two, they're brawling. Please. And Sam, get a hair cut. Every time I look at you, all I see is Chekov.

So after nine straight hours of Supernatural, my dreams that night were of ghost hunting. It was very strange. And Dean wasn't even in my dreams. (Much to Grilltech's relief...)


I worked on the sleeve last night. I've got a of maybe five inches. I held it out to Grilltech and asked is it 17 inches yet? His response? Looks like it to me. I think he was lying to me. Which okay, there are times it's what I need to hear, instead of the truth. However - there is always a however isn't there? - telling me you're cleaning the porch; and the porch isn't clean isn't a good thing.

Today's morning was a complete and udder mess. I hit snooze three times, which got me out of bed late. Grilltech asked me to drive this morning so he could sleep. We made it about four blocks away from the house when it was realized someone forgot his cell phone and she forgot her medication. Back to the house we went. Everything was picked up, off we go. Get to the fancy French restaurant, Jacques-in-the-Box. They won't let us order because it's almost 0400 and the computer is getting ready to reboot. So, I drive to the one on the other side of work. Get our order and make it to work 15 minutes late. I could have left almost an hour before the end of my shift, but didn't because I had to much work to try and get done.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job? Maybe it's the *#@! database I'm annoyed with.

List Day!

  • The pulled muscle feels 100% better today, but it's still sore.

  • My nose has decided its time to run.

  • There was six cars at the bar this morning.

  • The price of gas varies quite a bit across town: $2.02, $2.13, $2.05, and $2.18.

  • The database is down for repairs this morning.

  • Stolen from Roxie!!

  • My car is acting up, so it's in time out.

  • I finished the gusset on the current sock.

  • I haven't ripped back yet on the maze sock.

  • I'm too stressed about holiday knitting.

  • The database is back up, and loading s-l-o-w-l-y.

  • Dude, please. One phone call is enough to tell me you're going to be late.

  • It must be lunch time, the database just slammed shut on me.

  • While waiting for the damn database to load, all I can think of is the time I could be knitting.

  • In three pounds, I'll be exactly 110 lbs away from my goal.

  • I'm going to pull out the Christmas Cards this weekend.*

  • I must remember, screaming at the #@%! computer does nothing.

  • And, no it's not even making me feel better.

  • I called Perky, asked her to bring my suit to the gym.

  • It's pool cleaning day. She took me home.

  • I'm going to go knit something...

Amy had a really good post about the mailing of her Christmas cards and I can't find it. (Editted to add the link)

Work? Do I really hafta?

Yesterday's workout went well. By the end of the day, I was pretty sore. Sore enough I didn't finish my walk. The evening was okay, I put Bengay on my leg to help out. Which felt wonderful. Went to bed about 1830 (6:30 PM). At 2330 (11:30 PM) I wasn't doing well. Woke up stiff and in pain. Stretched out my leg a bit and went back to sleep. At 0130, it was worse. I got up and took some pain reliever and moved the leg around. Tossed and turned for another hour before having to get up and start the day. Grilltech offered to get the phone so I could call in. A tempting offer, but I have a meeting today. I'd much rather be home icing my leg.

I didn't even knit last night, instead I watched Chuck and Heroes. So I don't have anything exciting to talk about. Three cars at the bar this morning.

About an hour into the shift this morning I hobbled out to the car to get my lip balm. The temperature dropped enough I could see my breathe. It was warmer on the drive in.

That's right, screaming at the computer doesn't make it move any faster. So I'm going to go to break. Chances are it started moving right after I locked the screen.

It sure felt like a Monday

Oh yes, its going to be a fun day. Yesterday I pulled a muscle. Today, I'm debating if I really need to walk across the building to a) go to the bathroom; b) get something to eat; c) talk with Grilltech is really worth the trip. On the other hand, even sitting here is a trial.

Last night, I spent a very unproductive night trying to get some Fair Isle knitting done. It didn't work out so well. I may have to suck it up and knit it flat then sew it together. (I've tried that, didn't like how it was turning out.) I may have to go back to the DPNS. Blah.

Four hours later and another dose of aspirin to dull the ache. Maybe I should get up and walk around also. The moving did help.

It's only the middle of November, okay latter half, and already there are people trying to cough up a lung. It makes me happy to be at work or not.

I finally figured out the problem with Grilltech's maze sock. I had taken a flat pattern converted it to round; but forgot to remove the first extra numbers on the documentation. I knew not to use them when I was first knitting them, but second time around I forgot. I'm going to need to rip back several rows.

Full of Grace and Elegance

It was a good weekend. I was still hobbling around from Friday's workout; but the pool did help. Today both Perky and Grilltech won't be able to make it to the gym, so it will be just me. Today, I pulled a muscle working out. I'm such a dumbass...

I spent the weekend working on the sweater, dishcloths, and darning one of Grilltech's socks. He has a major whole in one sock and it will be a bit of a challenge it fix. The thin spots have been fixed. Now I only have three more socks to fix. I'm thinking a darning class might be a good idea at the LYS.

List Day!

  • Two parked cars, one car leaving the parking lot and a BBQ at the bar this morning.

  • I'd much rather be home, in a warm bed.

  • Grilltech put his container of (soy) milk in the lunch bag; which spilled all over the current sock.

  • I was not happy.

  • Who says poking the boss with a stick isn't fun?

  • People, you don't need to call in if you're one minute late.

  • Nor do I need to call two phone calls to tell me your sick.

  • The answer to do you know who replaced him is not no.

  • Swearing at the database does not make it work faster.

  • Apparently neither does threatening to gather up all it's threads and knit a hat with them.

  • The Trainer is evil.

  • Okay, she's not evil. The routine is evil.

  • I've starting wearing the wedding ring on a chain.

  • I haven't been this skinny since 1999.

  • I'll be meeting up with C tonight and hearing about her new beau.

  • Good night all, and remember to tip your wait staff...

LOOK! A real post

Tuesday morning we woke up to a constant clicking. Click, click, click, pause, click and then the cycle repeats itself. Grilltech goes to the heater, looks it over and shakes his head. Neither one of us has any kind of clue about heaters. I turn the thermostat off and we call the heating and cooling guys. In the mean time, Grilltech is smoking two turkeys. Perky and I took off to the other LYS.

While there I picked up the size 3, 12 inch addi turbo needles I wanted. I also ended up with two balls of Noro sock yarn and It Itches; the book is funny as all get out.

We came home - still no heater guy - I moved the first sleeve over to the smaller needle. Magic Loop wasn't making me happy. So I get the stitches moved over. Do the purl round, it was lovely. Then I try curse loudly to do the more loud cursing trinity stitch. There isn't enough stretch in the needle to purl three stitches together. Did I mention I was cursing loudly? So I sent Perky to the regular LYS; to pick up a size three, 16 inch addi turbo. She couldn't remember which size I wanted, so she called me when she got there. She came home with the new needle. After switching the needles over I was able to knit several rounds with no problem.

While working on the sleeve the heater guy showed up. The gas valve went out and the motor is drawing more amps then normal which means it's on it's way out. The suggestion was made we might want to get a new heating system; because the cost to repair would be 1/4th the cost of a new system. We agreed. A salesdrone came over and showed six different models, all $$$$. We pick out the model we want not quite $$$$$; but still $$$$. He leaves; then he calls two hours later stating we don't qualify for financing. What do we want to do. Insert more loud swearing here. So we have the part replaced and end up spending my paycheck to get the heater fixed. Now we need to save up $$$$$ to get the heater replaced next year.

The socks I'm currently wearing, will be washed then handed off to Heather. They keep sliding down. It's annoying the hell out of me sad when socks don't fit properly.

Because I'm a Lemming....

And now for something completely different:(thanks Perky)

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I did it. All Most the loose fitting clothes are packed up and in the trunk of the car. They'll be delivered a friend who is also loosing weight and needs clothes that fit.

I won't have the loose fitting comfortable clothes to rely on. Nothing to fall back on, it's time to get the new batch of clothes loose. Several pairs of pants are inhale-so-they-can-be-buttoned; but they fit.

For the past several days I've been feeling very down on myself. Sure I've lost 40 (coming up on 50) pounds, but there is more to go alot more. I'll be at the gym, working out and think yeah baby, I'm the sexist thing alive. Then I open my eyes, look in the mirror and realize my actual body doesn't match the image in my head. It's very discouraging.

After today's work out, I was changing into the new inhale-so-they-can-be-buttoned pants and realized I didn't have to inhale as much to zip them up!!!

I feel much better now.

List Day!

  • I wish my cow-orker would shut up.

  • I don't really care about his daughter struggling with algebra.

  • There were six cars at the bar this morning.

  • For some reason the "company" feels we would work better in a meat locker. I, however, feel differently.

  • I started the sleeves on my sweater. Sure it's only six rows, but they're started.

  • Grilltech bought me a soda, and handed me two of them! (Every 25th purchase gets a free soda.)

  • I broke down and got my hair cut. It does look cute.

  • It's the first week of November, I need to get my butt in gear and get wash cloths knit up for Christmas.

  • I went through most of the dresser last night, I have several large piles of clothes to give away.

  • I hate the gym's scales, it lies. It said I was XXX but at home I was XYY.

  • I guess the headphones and MP3 player weigh four pounds.

  • My cat is being annoying by walking across the keyboard. It must be time to publish.

Because I'm a Lemming....

And now for something completely different: (Thanks Amy)

(I think I'd rather be the detective.)

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Nothing to see here, move a long....

Today is going to be rough. I'm ready to start screaming at the loading programs to hurry up and load. I've only been here 15 minutes. Fast forward several hours later, and it's still dragging.

I've started a pair of socks for D's (belated) birthday. These ones are buffalo's (What's the difference between a buffalo and a bison? You can't wash your hands in a buffalo! Yuk, yuk, yuk.)

W00T!! W00T!!!

I've finished most of the body of the mallard sweater. I can now start sleeves!!

I'm sooo happy!!!