It's December 30th. We should be getting snow, because it's winter. Not thunder and lightening with hail.

List Day

  • Counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • Dad is on round three of antibiotics for a sinus infection, they should know more Friday morning
  • This weekend is a four dayer for us
  • I think we're two episodes away from last season's Fringe finale
  • I have an eye appointment tomorrow, hopefully my headaches will go away
  • I about five more squares to finish and row seven will be done
  • Tuesday we woke to snow - just enough to make driving to work a chore
  • Wednesday we woke to rain and today, it's suppose to be partly sunny with temps close to 50
  • No, we didn't win the lottery so we have to work
  • Someone cooked fish in the microwave
  • We negotiated where we're going to eat dinner before EOS, so no getting in the car doing the I don't know, where do you want to eat? conversations
  • The floor is extra bouncy today and super annoying
  • Roxie, our floor is on a raised platform which has all of our network cabling running through it, instead of down through the ceiling tiles
  • Three hours until the end of my shift, I can do three hours easily
  • I measured a strand of hair, it's 12 inches long
  • Why yes, I am bored at work
  • I switched from size ones to zero's and instead of having nicely striped bacon socks, it's pooling white and brown
  • Crap, I blew off the paperwork for my new ID card until today, it expires at the end of next month

1000 Words

Down the street:

Fran keeping a close eye on my picture taking:

A set of dishcloths I made over the weekend, because I needed to finish something:

The blanket with the six rows completed and part of the seventh:

Close up:

Another close up:

Grilltech's BACON! socks:

List Day

  • Counted one car at the bar this morning
  • Today is Perky's birthday!!
  • I think she's 22
  • The moon is a lovely sliver of bone white
  • I've only gained one pound on the 12 days of fat pills cookies
  • Grilltech wasn't as lucky, and he's kinda crabby about it


Who has two thumbs and traded a pair of hand knit socks for getting her yard raked? That's right, me!


List Day

  • Counted seven cars at the bar this morning
  • Weather report kept saying 30% chance of snow and rain, but walking to the building was nothing but clear sky above our heads
  • Strange Dr Who dreams this morning
  • I finished my sixth row last night
  • Everything hurts this morning
  • We're doing the 12 days of cookies, both Grilltech and I are getting tired of sugar
  • I'm bringing cheese cake, does that count as sugar?
  • It's starting to look dark cloudy out there, maybe it will rain
  • I’ve got a nasty headache, so no karate tonight
  • No-Knead Bread
  • The floor is bouncing and right now, it's annoying


You might want to stand back, because I’m brilliant. I don’t want anyone getting blinded.

I’ve been faxing a company a nine page document since Monday the 5th. Its faxed two-three times a day, because you know, faxing isn’t very reliable. I’ve been checking our account, because the fax involves money and this time of year, money becomes very tight.

I decide to check their website, pretty simple right? Turns out, not so much. Google tells me go here. I can’t log in. I use the work link. Still can’t log in. A bit frustrated, I call them. Guess what? They changed their site and haven’t updated the work link. Nice.

I explain to Tim, I’ve been faxing and not getting a response. I know they don’t have my fax because I was trapped in phone hell for five minutes before getting a live person. He gives me a new fax number and the new web site. He proceeds to tell me I need to register because I don’t have a user name set up on that system. Really? Because I just signed in.

I tell him thank you, then go to fax to the new number. When I get there, I punch in the number and…. You ready for this? Decide I had better look to see if I’m putting the papers in right. Yip I’m a dorkfish. I’ve been faxing them nine pages of blank paper because I’d put the paper in wrong.

Sometimes, I’m just so brilliant.

List Day, Double Shot

  • There were nine cars at the bar this morning, it opened last night
  • Grilltech wanted to know where the Could you pass a US citizenship test quiz was located
  • Today went fast, I'm not complaining in the least
  • Breakfast with my parents tomorrow morning
  • Full lunar eclipse this Saturday morning, starting about 0545 MST
  • For the second time this week we have not picked up TP while we were at the store, we're now on our last roll
  • It's freezing cold outside, it's 70 in the house, and I'm sweating

List Day

  • No cars at the bar this morning, but the sign says opening soon
  • No clouds for the morning sunrise, but there are some pink contrails
  • GoJira is still being anti-social
  • I had sex dreams last night, Aunt Flo can't be that far away
  • GAH! I didn't mean to close that database that will take forever to open
  • Could you pass a US citizenship test? You answered 84 of 96 questions correctly for a total score of 88%.
  • When I see the email that says Go Green for your W2, all I think is, the company wants to save money by making me print out my own W2
  • I'm on medication now, no more crying at work
  • But I'm sleepy as hell quite often
  • I don't care who you are, walking around in shorts and tennis shoes in this weather (36 degrees) is stupid


Dueling cellos... Yea Baby.

How many of you guys said that in Austin Power's voice, in your head?

1000 Words

Down the street, on a cold Sunday afternoon.

Bacon! These will be interesting socks.

Fran. She pretty much stayed by my side the entire shoot.

A Christmas slipper. It will be sent off in the mail this week. I want to point out, that's a 12 inch foot.

The other Christmas slippers.

Grilltech's new socks.

Remember Freya? Well, we decided to go with a better name for her... Any guesses?

That's right Gojira.