You might want to stand back, because I’m brilliant. I don’t want anyone getting blinded.

I’ve been faxing a company a nine page document since Monday the 5th. Its faxed two-three times a day, because you know, faxing isn’t very reliable. I’ve been checking our account, because the fax involves money and this time of year, money becomes very tight.

I decide to check their website, pretty simple right? Turns out, not so much. Google tells me go here. I can’t log in. I use the work link. Still can’t log in. A bit frustrated, I call them. Guess what? They changed their site and haven’t updated the work link. Nice.

I explain to Tim, I’ve been faxing and not getting a response. I know they don’t have my fax because I was trapped in phone hell for five minutes before getting a live person. He gives me a new fax number and the new web site. He proceeds to tell me I need to register because I don’t have a user name set up on that system. Really? Because I just signed in.

I tell him thank you, then go to fax to the new number. When I get there, I punch in the number and…. You ready for this? Decide I had better look to see if I’m putting the papers in right. Yip I’m a dorkfish. I’ve been faxing them nine pages of blank paper because I’d put the paper in wrong.

Sometimes, I’m just so brilliant.


Sandra said...

Good to know I"m not along in that kind of brilliance. But really - a company changing their site and not updating? Who'd the dorkfish here?

Donna Lee said...

I think I stood too close and got splashed with all the brilliance. I have a fax fail at least once a week. Me and technology. We are so not best buds.

Amy Lane said...

Oh... I"m sorry... you've been hanging out with ME too long... I'm a dorkfish too!

Galad said...

Dorkfish ditto. I can't laugh because I've done that.

Roxie said...

I was always Fax-incapable. Can't get all the numbers in the right order. Can't get the paper right-side up. Send the wrong papers. Send the right papers to the wrong people. And the fax at the college was possessed by a whimsical demon anyway. We ran out of virgins to sacrifice fairly quickly.