List Day, Double Shot

  • There were nine cars at the bar this morning, it opened last night
  • Grilltech wanted to know where the Could you pass a US citizenship test quiz was located
  • Today went fast, I'm not complaining in the least
  • Breakfast with my parents tomorrow morning
  • Full lunar eclipse this Saturday morning, starting about 0545 MST
  • For the second time this week we have not picked up TP while we were at the store, we're now on our last roll
  • It's freezing cold outside, it's 70 in the house, and I'm sweating


Donna Lee said...

That is a TP emergency to me. I always buy 4 rolls regardless of how many we have at home. I don't know what I'm afraid of, we've never run out before.

Amy Lane said...

LOL-- yeah-- I was down to the last roll in MY BATHROOM alone, and it was an emergency...