List Day

  • Counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • Dad is on round three of antibiotics for a sinus infection, they should know more Friday morning
  • This weekend is a four dayer for us
  • I think we're two episodes away from last season's Fringe finale
  • I have an eye appointment tomorrow, hopefully my headaches will go away
  • I about five more squares to finish and row seven will be done
  • Tuesday we woke to snow - just enough to make driving to work a chore
  • Wednesday we woke to rain and today, it's suppose to be partly sunny with temps close to 50
  • No, we didn't win the lottery so we have to work
  • Someone cooked fish in the microwave
  • We negotiated where we're going to eat dinner before EOS, so no getting in the car doing the I don't know, where do you want to eat? conversations
  • The floor is extra bouncy today and super annoying
  • Roxie, our floor is on a raised platform which has all of our network cabling running through it, instead of down through the ceiling tiles
  • Three hours until the end of my shift, I can do three hours easily
  • I measured a strand of hair, it's 12 inches long
  • Why yes, I am bored at work
  • I switched from size ones to zero's and instead of having nicely striped bacon socks, it's pooling white and brown
  • Crap, I blew off the paperwork for my new ID card until today, it expires at the end of next month


Roxie said...

Thank you for explaining about the floor. Rather a clever solution all in all.

Thinking good thoughts for your dad.

Amy Lane said...

So... bacon socks with pooling fat? And yeah-- that IS pretty bored at work!

I hope your dad feels better. Sinus infections bite.