List Day

  • No cars at the bar this morning, but the sign says opening soon
  • No clouds for the morning sunrise, but there are some pink contrails
  • GoJira is still being anti-social
  • I had sex dreams last night, Aunt Flo can't be that far away
  • GAH! I didn't mean to close that database that will take forever to open
  • Could you pass a US citizenship test? You answered 84 of 96 questions correctly for a total score of 88%.
  • When I see the email that says Go Green for your W2, all I think is, the company wants to save money by making me print out my own W2
  • I'm on medication now, no more crying at work
  • But I'm sleepy as hell quite often
  • I don't care who you are, walking around in shorts and tennis shoes in this weather (36 degrees) is stupid

1 comment:

Amy Lane said...

I agree. I get mad at people who make me feel cold just by wandering around without clothes.