1000 Words

Down the street, on a cold Sunday afternoon.

Bacon! These will be interesting socks.

Fran. She pretty much stayed by my side the entire shoot.

A Christmas slipper. It will be sent off in the mail this week. I want to point out, that's a 12 inch foot.

The other Christmas slippers.

Grilltech's new socks.

Remember Freya? Well, we decided to go with a better name for her... Any guesses?

That's right Gojira.


Sandra said...

that's the perfect name for the cat...

emicat said...

Gojira - awesome name! My cat was a terror and pretty much a gojira this morning when he wanted to get fed.... @ 4am!

Roxie said...

Go, go, Gojira! LOVE it!

Amy Lane said...

Gojira! Perfect! And awesome slippers!