1000 Words

Down the street:

Fran keeping a close eye on my picture taking:

A set of dishcloths I made over the weekend, because I needed to finish something:

The blanket with the six rows completed and part of the seventh:

Close up:

Another close up:

Grilltech's BACON! socks:


Galad said...

Great pictures - I always enjoy seeing your projects. I have bacon obsessed family members who would love those socks :-)

The blanket is going to be beautiful but I can't imagine doing all those little squares!

Megan said...

Such pretty dishcloths. And I know my fiance would be very jealous of the BACON! socks.

emicat said...

That blanket is going to be The.Awesome but holy crap, I'm just thinking of all those ends you have to weave in!

I'm loving how the bacon socks are turning out (and love the sock bag - i love how those crown royal bags are so versatile!) :)

Amy Lane said...

Okay-- need to remember to send you more sock yarn! I keep it for you! Swear!