Thursday, November 30

I picked up the child from school last night, and then we stopped off at Fuzz. I picked up some cute Opal to make fishy mittens. Started with the mitered squares*. Figured I would do one, pick up stitches along the side, then cast on for the next square. After five rows on the next square, I decided I didn't like how it was looking. I ripped back, and just started a new square. I think five singles should be enough. I'll then pick up my 33 stitches along the sides and make the next four.

I didn't work on Nameless One's sweater last night. Does that make me a bad person?

Today I'm wearing my fingerless gloves. They are great, but if I made them today they would be different. These gloves are made from angora with silk. They have ZERO memory. So once worn, they stay stretched out. I added a strand of elastic to make them stay up on my arms; these babies are a good eight inches long. They're very warm and soft. So, if I was to make them today. I would knit with elastic in the ribbing. I think I might do a bit of wrist shaping. Maybe do ribbing all the way down, until the thumb.

* For some reason, my squares are more kite shaped. I would say rectangle even, but that's not quite right either

Wednesday, November 29

Finished the sleeve yesterday. Started on the second one. I'm making pretty good time on Nameless' sweater. Yesterday, I managed to get 11 rows completed on the socks. (That's an inch plus one, in gauge speak.)

I will say, I did try the 32 inch AddiTurbos. They are too short. The 40 inch ones are a bit to long. Too bad, they don't come in 36 inches sets. I would like those.

I was going to watch Heroes last night we taped it, but didn't. Now I can't even remember what I was watching, I think it was Dirty Jobs. It was the only show I've ever seen him ask to stop doing what he was doing. Funny as hell. I don't think he cares for snakes. I know I wouldn't.

Out on my usual blog reading, I found on The Life and Times of Florence Knitingale's blog The Twelve Days of Knitting. I think she is on to something there.

I finished the ribbing on the socks. Started the trek towards the heels. I'm trying to decide which kind of heel I want to use. Since he wants to wear them with sandles, can just do a short row heel.

Tuesday, November 28

I didn't work on the Nameless One's sweater, instead I finished my purple Dragon Scale socks! Finished them about 19:15*, about a whole 15 minutes before bed. I put them on and danced around the room. Took them over to Grilltech and had to tap him on the shoulder to notice my new socks! He did his typical eye roll and petted my socks. He'd just grunted in my direction when I showed them to him earlier.

I've decided I can knit two socks at once using the magic loop method, while casting on this morning. It became a comedy of knitting. I casted on the first sock completely using the standard ML**. I casted on the second sock and proceeded to somehow get the needle twisted. I bring out the second needle and slid the stitches off the first needle so they can put onto the main needle. I don't know how I got it twisted, so I tried to get the stitches slid back onto the main needle.

Didn't work. I ripped back, casted onto the second needle, knit onto the main needle and called it good. Now I've got the socks started. Finish one side, then turn and do the other. Don't quite knit as fast with two socks. Well, okay I knit the same speed, just not seeing as much progress. And it does take a while to get the yarn straightened out when picking up the needles during break.

I was reading on Carol's blog, about two new books coming out. Punk knitting. Those should make the youngest happy. But then she never wears what I make her or rarely does. Will need to thumb through the books because there might be something I want to make in them.

* See what happens when I work with military time all day? I start using it in other places.
** Magic Loop Method. I'm just lazy.

Monday, November 27

I'm <--> this close to finishing the first sleeve on the Nameless One's sweater. Less than an inch to go. Then I'll be able to get started on the second sleeve. I'm just going by measurements since I can't have Nameless try it on. Something about distance knitting.

We did go see Joe on Friday, so my sock was worked on. Finished the gusset. Now its straight on to the toe. The great thing about the second sock, it knits up so much faster.

I went to The Yarn Shoppe on Saturday. I only spent $12.00. It was really $42.00, but I had some free money, so it doesn't count. Picked up the yarn for Dad's socks. When we talked on Thanksgiving he told me wanted some socks to wear with his shoes. (I was going to say thongs, but it just conjures up some distasteful thoughts.) And he wants them in "manly" colors. I guess the Charlie Brown socks I did aren't manly enough.

Anyway, I picked up some dark blue yarn for his socks. I also grabbed a pair of Additurbo's size 1, 40 inches so I can do both pair at once. I've never did two pair at once, so this might be a learning curve for me. I also picked up one more skein of Regina Silk, black for a pair of socks for me.

Friday, November 24

I survived Thanksgiving, barely. I think it was the last piece of pie I ate that almost did me in. I didn’t need to have the pie; I just ate it because it was there. And it almost killed me. Okay I wished I was dead, after eating it.

We had the E’s over for dinner. Grilltech smoked the turkeys. Yes, turkeys. One for us and one for the E’s to take home. We didn’t eat until about six and it was awesome. Grilltech can work magic with a grill. They brought a bunch of stuff and we had a bunch of stuff. We grazed all day and watched movies. It was a nice family event.

The kitchen is mostly a mess. While cooking yesterday, I would do the dishes as I went. The thought of facing large mounds of nasty dishes today would be too much. But some how the kitchen is still a mess. I loaded the dishwasher and will force the youngest to do the rest, after she gets up. Yeah, I’m the mean mommy.

I’ve started the nameless one’s sweater. As always when it comes to sweaters, sleeves first. Hope to get it completed in time for mailing out for Christmas. Not sure when the mailing date will be this year, but I hope it’s really far away. Knitters are such optimists.

I’m about eight rounds from finishing the gusset on my sock. Then it’s straight on to the toes, but I won’t start on those again until Monday. Unless we decide to go visit Joe - who is in the hospital – because sock are the ultimate in travel knitting. He was in a nasty car wreck. He died twice on the way to the hospital. He may never quite be the same again.

Monday, November 20

Wow, working overtime really cuts into the posting to the blog. I completed the sweater. Usually I would say, Grilltech's sweater, but it doesn't fit him. It's too short if he raises his arms. So I've got a new sweater and it can be a bit stifling hot at times. We figured last week Grilltech is allergic to Alpaca. He was holding the hank while I wound the ball of yarn. After we finished, he couldn't breathe very well. Hmm not good.

Days later, I'm winding using the office chair. I have just about 20 loops left, Grilltech offers to hold them. I agree. After we're done, he tells me the roof of his mouth is itching, just like when I eat avocado's. Guess no alpaca for him.

I finished my first dragon scale sock. It looks beautiful. I've turned the heel on the second sock. Without the cabling down the sides, it knits up much faster.

I didn't do any knitting after Friday night. Nope, not a stitch. No socks and no hat. I've also decided: no more knitting for others for free. My time is important and I have other things I'd rather be doing. I know I've thought that statement, but haven't put it into stone, but now it is. Now I have to follow the directive.

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Wednesday, November 8

Went and voted last night. There was a bit of a wait, so I pulled out my sock. I did manage to get two rows knitted. All the ladies ohhed and ahhed over the sock. One even offered to join the family because she wanted knit socks. "I've got small feet." They even liked Grilltech's sweater.

Last night I weaved in the ends to the new sweater. I like being able to hold it up and say, "I'm done." and really mean it.

Tuesday, November 7

I'm going to pull out the roving and make myself a pair of thrumbed mittens for when we go star gazing again. My next project for when Grilltech's sweater is finished. I've got a pound of roving in my stash I picked up cheaply from e-bay. I purchased it when I was making thrumbed mittens for D's sister. I couldn't find much locally, now there is a new LYS which sells roving and other spinning supplies. I'm been knocking around the thought of learning to spin. Grilltech won't be happy at the thought of me learning to spin. He's already stated no to me picking up cross stitching. Not that I have enough time to devote to another project.

I've measured the Dragon Scale socks this morning. I'm about an inch away from starting the heel. I've got some choices to make. Do I want to continue the pattern down the foot or do I want to make it plain. I'm also going to need to rearrange the stitches, so the braid is on the sides. Then the pattern down the front will be smaller because of the braid. I'll figure something out as I go.

Problem one: One of the scales has an extra round of the because it was the starter.

Fix: just do the slip 1, knit 1 and call it good.

Monday, November 6

I did send home a post for Friday, but never got around to posting it. So, it's a double hitter today. I spent the whole weekend knitting up the sock for the shop to display. Hope to get the other one completed before the weekend. I'll need to get another ball of yarn for the class. I'll buy this one so I can have it guilt free. Haven't done much for Grilltech's sweater. It's just sitting on the desk looking forlorn. It didn't help I was playing Neverwinter after I finished the sock.

I made bread, well rolls, on Sunday. I haven't made some in quite a while. These rolls was heavy. I think they would have made excellent paper weights. We all ate them with no problem. Grilltech is convinced I'm going to make bread, not rolls, next weekend. Guess I can give him that.

Friday, November 3

I haven't felt like doing much of anything. I pretty much played Neverwinter Nights the two days I had off. Grilltech did grill the steaks. They turned out pretty good. I made him a blueberry cheesecake. It turned out pretty good. I thought the bottom would be all soggy from water seepage, but it wasn't. It's all soggy from the blueberries. But he likes it, I guess that is all that really matters.

I've been stalling on his sweater. So last night, I stayed away from Neverwinter and finished off the last little bit of the skein. Only about two or more inches before I ran out and was ready to join the sleeves onto the body. Now it's all decreases from here. Lets see only 287 stitches to decrease. 287, I think I need to lay down.

My purple dragon socks are coming along. I'm about three or four inches away from starting the heel. I'm not overly thrilled about the texture of this yarn. Not after working with wool/silk blend. I'm hoping it will lose the stiffness I'm feeling while knitting.

Spoke with M again today. I'll walk out with her to the car and pick up the yarn she has for me. I'll need to get these demo's knit up so they can be displayed at the shop. Want people to sign up for the sock class.

Monday, October 30

It was a busy weekend. On Saturday we trimmed the hedge. Today, my arms are still sore. When we first moved the hedge was a good five feet thick. It was nasty. About three years ago, we cut the thing back to the trunks. It was nasty. I think there was a running bet in the neighborhood as to if the thing would even live. It did. Now it's getting to the point, we'll need to start trimming the sides. I think that's next weekends project. sigh

I did get quite a bit done on Grilltech's sweater. I haven't held it up to him for several days. So last night, when I did he was a bit amazed at the length. Still need to go several more inches, anyway from six to eight, before I can add the sleeves.

I was digging for my cable needles on Saturday. Turns out the one I lost was the smallest gauge one. Yes, I can cable without a needle, but it's harder to do with three stitches and size 1 needles. I'd much rather have needle to help out. So I drug out a regular double point and will use it instead.

Sunday night went for a walk with Grilltech, around the block. On the way I did see a meteor. Very odd due to all the light pollution here in the thriving metropolis.