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Roxie, thank you for the lovely gift of snow, but I must insist you take it back. It's way too much. Plus, as much as I need to shovel the driveway, I really don't enjoy that project. Not to mention drivers forget that ice + (mass * speed) = accident. A proven theory.

Last night I ripped back to the start of chart 1A on the peacock shawl. Sure it's negative progress, but it's progress. I'm ready to start moving forward on it again. Hopefully I'll get further along than before. A little issue of reading the chart correctly.

I'm back...

I've spent the last four days main lining my new addiction Torchwood. It's almost as good as yummy, yummy hot guys. It really makes me want to talk with a lovely British accent. And nail Captain Jack.

Christmas was very enjoyable. The kids were over, Baby Bird ran around and doesn't like ham. I really don't blame her, ham is salty. MIL surprised the heck out of me by giving me a Tardis. I must have mentioned it on the blog a time ago and she tucked the information away. Grilltech was also very awesome. He picked up a pair of nice slippers, they're very sturdy and warm. While he was at it, he also picked up an insert for my chair with massage. Way nice.

Things have been busy on the knitting front. I can show pictures of completed projects. Another pair of Gauntlet Gloves, these ones are for the wonderful MIL.

She liked the colors when I showed her the skein, and unused portion will make a welcome addition to the sock blanket. Which I haven't been working on, because of Christmas knitting. But I'm thinking I should pull it out and work on it.

Speaking of working, I'm freaking out BBQer and Convert - I'm reading at work not knitting. It's really throwing them for a loop. Second item to show is Convert completed her blanket.

She did a very nice job on her first project. The knitted on lace edging was a bit of a challenge, but she was more than up to the task.

I made a Posh Wedding Shrug for the Eldest. It's a very bright neon green and sure to keep her warm.

Last by not least, Perky was made a purplish shrug. It was meant to have a modified skill skull and crossbones on it, but I didn't have the tolerance to get the color work done within a couple of days.

Drive by Posting

It's rough having this week off. I slept until 0815. Went and knitted for three hours at the LYS. I'm suppose to be looking for a new used washer on Craig's list, but haven't managed to do so yet. The longer I put it off, the more trips to the laundry matt I have to make. Decisions, decisions.

Woke up to snow this morning. Thankfully it wasn't sticky. There wasn't much to shove off the driveway. The white kitty wants in, too much snow for her to attack.

Oh yea... Happy 21st Perky.

My Life Gave to Me

8 pounds of puppy

7 (- 3) ladies baking

6 (x 10) bottles of mead

5 work days off!!

4 annoying kitties

3 hour meetings

2 people out on bail


1 broken dead washer

My Life Gave to Me

5 Working days off!!!

4 Annoying cats

3 Hour meetings

2 Arrested people


1 Broken washer

On the Fourth day...

4 annoying kitties...
3 hour meetings
2 arrested people
1 broken washer

My True Love Gave to Me...

3 hour meetings
2 people arrested
1 broken washer

I've had my Three

2 Arrests* and 1 broken washer**. That counts as three, right?

* Neither arrests was Grilltech or I; 1 was a close friend the other was Kommandant.

** Came home, Kommandant said one fo the belts for the washer has broken.

Leave It!

One down, one to go...

List Day

  • Today's post is brought to you by the number six
  • It was six degrees this morning when I drove in
  • There were six cars in the bar's parking lot
  • I started work at 04:06
  • Grilltech said yea, yea diamond earrings…
    Did you look at them?
    Go look...
    Holy crap that much?!
  • Tried to export from the database, it failed
  • Now I have to figure out another way to get people's schedules
  • I missed a meeting yesterday. The big deal? I set it up
  • Okay, I figured out how to get people's schedules, but it tied up my system so I missed getting the morning statics out
  • Can I go back to bed until January?
  • Guess who forgot to start Grilltech's coffee this morning?
  • I'm vacillating between rage and the threat of tears this afternoon*
  • I told the Gnome I'll never complain about taking calls again if you get us access to the back door - the whole team
  • Watch he'll do it...
  • Oh, guess I get to complain about having to take calls, he didn't do it
  • Had to take another phone call
  • Have to turn in a monthly progress report
  • Went and knitted at the LYS
  • Now I'm starving and waiting for the pork chops to finish baking
  • Suppose I could go start the cous-cous
  • Grilltech found the last of the Peach Mead last night
  • It was amazing
  • I'm forcing the puppy to wear his sweater
  • I suppose I should let the black cat in the house – it's cold out there
  • I have a friend, maybe it has something to do with me eating pork chops

* Mind you afternoon is 1000 for me

More Learning Experiences

  • Freezing weather and windshield cleaner do not mix well
  • Yes, I am that much of a dumbass
  • Even Grilltech agrees, I should send him a picture of the slippers I want
  • Funny, every year I send him pictures of diamond earrings and I don't get them
  • Convert has begun the edging on her blanket
  • Roxie, I don't blame you for the snow
  • Everyone knows its Amy's fault
  • Fran looks so cute all puffed out for winter
  • Uggy, however, thinks I should turn the bed on
  • I've started the second sleeve, thankfully size eight needles do make for a fast knit
  • I prefer lever back earrings, but I'm not picky
  • I have less than three hours of knitting time to go one another project then that will be finished
  • I gave away another set of mitts today
  • Instead of her hands being cold, mine will be
  • Until I finish these two projects and can start making myself mitts
  • She also said OMG! I can type with these on!!
  • Havoc thought I should start playing with him two seconds after I walked through the door
  • He had to wait until I could get my clothes changed
  • Tomorrow is Friday Eve
  • I've been pretty busy at work, so I haven't been keeping current with most blogs
  • The squirrels didn't make the food last, so they out until I make it to the store

It’s Over

Monday is officially on the books and I've learned quite a bit.

  • It was snowing this morning, the fine powdery crystal snow
  • I could see the wanning gibbon moon through the clouds and falling snow
  • My cowl needs to be about six inches longer in the back so snow won't blow down the back of my neck while shoveling
  • It's okay for my feline supervisor to watch me work from the comfort of the porch
  • I think she would have been happier watching from the comfort of the heated house
  • Instead of spending 15 minutes looking for the shovel, I should ask one of the roommates if they've seen it
  • Next time, I should have Perky try on the shrug before I get almost 18 inches of it completed, so I won't have to frog back AND switch colors
  • I really should stop eating chips and dip or I won't be hungry for dinner
  • When Grilltech asks, red or black I really should get clarification of what he's asking about
  • Would it be too much to send Grilltech a picture of the type of house slippers I want for Christmas or do you think telling him is enough?
  • I'm unable to get the blog feature to work in 2007 and right now I'm to fried to even research why it's not working
  • I'll look into it tomorrow at work<
  • Thankfully this lace pattern is easy, so I can tell within one or two stitches I've messed up
  • I'm going to watch Alice

List Day!

  • There were two cars this morning
  • One more inch to go before I can start the third element in this pattern
  • Started another project, this one is on size eight needles - talk about fast knit
  • Its nice to know I'm my usual charming, elegant self - I spilled soda down the front of my shirt
  • Nice. I asked for clarification of something a lead said, now he's over bitching to his crew they misunderstood me (He was talked to because what he said was a big NO-NO)
  • Both me and Convert looked at each other and shook our heads
  • Some how I managed to right align my text in notepad
  • I typed something personal to the Troll, who I thought was Grilltech
  • Thankfully, he laughed and kept his she's such a dumbass thoughts to himself
  • Smarties have grown
  • A blue jay visits the squirrel feeder
  • Squirrels also get crabby when a certain puppy harasses them
  • I was taken for a drag, Havoc is so happy to go around the block
  • The neighbor's oldest boy is a college grad and now working
  • I won't mention he's still living at home
  • Oh wait
  • Used the last of the squirrel food, they better make it last more than a day
  • I keep working on this project and think man that's GOR-eous
  • Fran thought about accompaning us on the walk, but the big scary cars made her change her mind
  • I might even be able to read blogs this weekend
  • But somehow I doubt it, I'm frantically knit gifts I swore I wasn't going to do
  • Yea, I'm a dumbass
  • I'm starting to get hungry and Grilltech won't be home for another hour
  • Remember Radar Love? Did you know Devil Made Me Do It was a follow up?
  • Heck, I didn't even realize they made a video for it
  • My all time favorite Golden Earring song
  • Amy, this one is for Mate (and it's not the one I wanted)

I Swear..

I'd lose my head if it wasn't attached. I got the finger nail file back. I put it back in the drawer where it belongs. I go to trim my nails. I can't find the damn file. And I had it in my hand less than ten minutes ago.

It was in the other drawer. I wonder if it's safe to knit.

She's Alive!

Today is a sing-a-long type of day. With each good song coming on, I'm unable to resist the urge to sing. I'm sure it annoys the heck out of people around me. I consider it payback for all the times they've bothered me. Yea I know, karma.

I've been knitting, but I can't show much of it. And because I didn't move the pictures off the camera, I can't show you any of it.

So enjoy a video instead....