More Learning Experiences

  • Freezing weather and windshield cleaner do not mix well
  • Yes, I am that much of a dumbass
  • Even Grilltech agrees, I should send him a picture of the slippers I want
  • Funny, every year I send him pictures of diamond earrings and I don't get them
  • Convert has begun the edging on her blanket
  • Roxie, I don't blame you for the snow
  • Everyone knows its Amy's fault
  • Fran looks so cute all puffed out for winter
  • Uggy, however, thinks I should turn the bed on
  • I've started the second sleeve, thankfully size eight needles do make for a fast knit
  • I prefer lever back earrings, but I'm not picky
  • I have less than three hours of knitting time to go one another project then that will be finished
  • I gave away another set of mitts today
  • Instead of her hands being cold, mine will be
  • Until I finish these two projects and can start making myself mitts
  • She also said OMG! I can type with these on!!
  • Havoc thought I should start playing with him two seconds after I walked through the door
  • He had to wait until I could get my clothes changed
  • Tomorrow is Friday Eve
  • I've been pretty busy at work, so I haven't been keeping current with most blogs
  • The squirrels didn't make the food last, so they out until I make it to the store


Galad said...

I'll send good thoughts your way for those diamond earrings :-)

Amy Lane said...

LOL-- it is NOT my fault! And yeah-- let me know how those earrings turn out! And yeah-- that's the whole point of mitts!

Roxie said...

Lever action dimond earrings for Knittech. Gotcha. It's on the "Right after I win the lottery" list!