I'm back...

I've spent the last four days main lining my new addiction Torchwood. It's almost as good as yummy, yummy hot guys. It really makes me want to talk with a lovely British accent. And nail Captain Jack.

Christmas was very enjoyable. The kids were over, Baby Bird ran around and doesn't like ham. I really don't blame her, ham is salty. MIL surprised the heck out of me by giving me a Tardis. I must have mentioned it on the blog a time ago and she tucked the information away. Grilltech was also very awesome. He picked up a pair of nice slippers, they're very sturdy and warm. While he was at it, he also picked up an insert for my chair with massage. Way nice.

Things have been busy on the knitting front. I can show pictures of completed projects. Another pair of Gauntlet Gloves, these ones are for the wonderful MIL.

She liked the colors when I showed her the skein, and unused portion will make a welcome addition to the sock blanket. Which I haven't been working on, because of Christmas knitting. But I'm thinking I should pull it out and work on it.

Speaking of working, I'm freaking out BBQer and Convert - I'm reading at work not knitting. It's really throwing them for a loop. Second item to show is Convert completed her blanket.

She did a very nice job on her first project. The knitted on lace edging was a bit of a challenge, but she was more than up to the task.

I made a Posh Wedding Shrug for the Eldest. It's a very bright neon green and sure to keep her warm.

Last by not least, Perky was made a purplish shrug. It was meant to have a modified skill skull and crossbones on it, but I didn't have the tolerance to get the color work done within a couple of days.


Perkygoth said...

Sure you don't mention the movies that Kommandant and i got you and the cheese grater.

Red said...

Which season of Torchwood were you watching? Tosh and Ianto were my favorite characters. I've seen all the seasons and like what they did with season 3 but missed the levity that made the series so much fun.

Amy Lane said...

What a good knitter you are! And thanks for sharing your Torchwood addiction, btw-- I know what I'm watching this summer!

emicat said...

wow, you're putting me to shame w/ my total lack of knitting. I hope to change that in 2010 and knit and knit and knit!

Lovely gifts you got and gave away!
Hope you and your fam had a great Xmas and wishing all of you a Happy New Year!

Donna Lee said...

I want to see the sock blanket! It sounds like you're having a good holiday.