List Day

  • Today's post is brought to you by the number six
  • It was six degrees this morning when I drove in
  • There were six cars in the bar's parking lot
  • I started work at 04:06
  • Grilltech said yea, yea diamond earrings…
    Did you look at them?
    Go look...
    Holy crap that much?!
  • Tried to export from the database, it failed
  • Now I have to figure out another way to get people's schedules
  • I missed a meeting yesterday. The big deal? I set it up
  • Okay, I figured out how to get people's schedules, but it tied up my system so I missed getting the morning statics out
  • Can I go back to bed until January?
  • Guess who forgot to start Grilltech's coffee this morning?
  • I'm vacillating between rage and the threat of tears this afternoon*
  • I told the Gnome I'll never complain about taking calls again if you get us access to the back door - the whole team
  • Watch he'll do it...
  • Oh, guess I get to complain about having to take calls, he didn't do it
  • Had to take another phone call
  • Have to turn in a monthly progress report
  • Went and knitted at the LYS
  • Now I'm starving and waiting for the pork chops to finish baking
  • Suppose I could go start the cous-cous
  • Grilltech found the last of the Peach Mead last night
  • It was amazing
  • I'm forcing the puppy to wear his sweater
  • I suppose I should let the black cat in the house – it's cold out there
  • I have a friend, maybe it has something to do with me eating pork chops

* Mind you afternoon is 1000 for me

1 comment:

Amy Lane said...

Wow-- that WAS brought on by the number six! (Pork chops = friends. Now I know.)