It’s Over

Monday is officially on the books and I've learned quite a bit.

  • It was snowing this morning, the fine powdery crystal snow
  • I could see the wanning gibbon moon through the clouds and falling snow
  • My cowl needs to be about six inches longer in the back so snow won't blow down the back of my neck while shoveling
  • It's okay for my feline supervisor to watch me work from the comfort of the porch
  • I think she would have been happier watching from the comfort of the heated house
  • Instead of spending 15 minutes looking for the shovel, I should ask one of the roommates if they've seen it
  • Next time, I should have Perky try on the shrug before I get almost 18 inches of it completed, so I won't have to frog back AND switch colors
  • I really should stop eating chips and dip or I won't be hungry for dinner
  • When Grilltech asks, red or black I really should get clarification of what he's asking about
  • Would it be too much to send Grilltech a picture of the type of house slippers I want for Christmas or do you think telling him is enough?
  • I'm unable to get the blog feature to work in 2007 and right now I'm to fried to even research why it's not working
  • I'll look into it tomorrow at work<
  • Thankfully this lace pattern is easy, so I can tell within one or two stitches I've messed up
  • I'm going to watch Alice


emicat said...

I saw go ahead and send a picture, heck send links too - I do :)

Roxie said...

Absolutely send the picture, with links. If you know precisely what you want, give him maximum opportunity to get it right. He's not telepathic after all.

Roxie said...

PS. The snow is not my fault.

Sandra said...

send him the pictures. Telling him is not enough.
Oh, sorry, we were talking about YOUR husband, not MINE...

Amy Lane said...

Cowl... dammit... another thing I need to knit!