I'm Such a Geek

SQL hell:
FROM dbo.InnerCritic
WHERE ReflectiveThought = TRUE

Anyone want the translation?

English hell:
SELECT * means select everything
FROM dbo.InnerCritic means from my head (AKA dbo.) inner critic (pretty self-descriptive name there)
WHERE ReflectiveThought = TRUE means where ever my self-esteem raises it's cute little head, inner critic has every right to go after said self-esteem with both barrels. (What can I say, I like action.)

Knit ugly lime green hat for Mom. Make it larger than the ones I've been making for my dad. Because that's what she asked for and any good business owner listens to their customer base. Finish said hat, and show it to loving husband Grilltech. Who will make an innocent statement, I will warp and twist it into something dark.

"Yea, but that's HUGE."

Look at offending hat. "She did say, she wanted them larger than the normal ones I've been making her."

Here's where the logic goes south. Yes, it is big, but that's what she wanted. But if it's too big it won't sell. But it's BIG. The recursion of the internal conversation was wait for it, EPIC. Finally start ripping back on the ugly hat.

Decide on Friday - and I've been cleaning, CLEANING!! because my hobby is starting to not be fun - maybe I should call Mom and see if it's really too big.

Turns out she'll take the hat both HUGE and UGLY. I've already ripped back. It's now time to pick up those loose stitches and knit them. Because I didn't ask first.

I'm glad Friday's over and the weekend has begun.

A 1000 Words

This post is brought to you by Fran.
Fran Kitty
Sorry guys, Sabrina wasn't feeling like posing.

Socks I finished for me. I think on the size zero needles, I'll use ones for the leg and zeros for the foot. Really like the tight fit.
My Socks

See what I haven't been working on?
Peacock Feathers Shawl

Instead, I've been playing with a hatchling....

I'm tired

I'd post pictures of my latest project, but I didn't take pictures last night. Tonight I'm to lazy tired to take them. I watched the yummy, yummy hot guys (OMG), then disconnected from the interweb, turned off the TV then cleaned.

I'd show pictures of the clean house, but once again, I'm lazy. Sure my desk is still a sty - I said cleaned not crazy.

Remember how I said I was making the half-assed attempt at the shape up? I've been walking twice (sometimes thrice) a day, now I fit into a pair of pants I couldn't button a month ago. Maybe there is something to this whole exercise thing.

Excuse me, while I fend off a hatchling....

List Day!

  • Counted two cars at the bar this morning
  • At 0530 in the morning, there heavy traffic heading east while I'm driving west
  • The person who I've been training with isn't here today
  • So I'm bouncing between his and my computers
  • Then I got to call him to get instructions on how to run a morning report
  • Amy, honey. You don't have time for a social life. Now get writing!
  • And take back your hatchling dragon
  • I've doomed myself to ripping back on this shawl, I commented to Donna Lee I don't have a life line
  • Well crappy, I'm out of water
  • Work is sponsoring a wellness event, I'm making a half-assed attempt at following it
  • I'm doing pretty good, hate switching shoes three times a day
  • Happened to glance up at a jug of pretzels across the cube wall; it expired Dec2709
  • He brought them in today
  • On the third walk of the day, we passed a family of ducks. The babies were sooo adorable

I got Nothin'

I want! There is a bag of this; but I don't need another bag.

Have I mentioned recently how amazing Ravelry is? I had a question about what a stitch mention and I had an answer within 30 minutes. Plus there are so many talented amazing crafters out there.

I'm so ready to call it a day. I'm not sure the benefits of getting to stay up later outweighs the staying until 1430 at work.

Oh yea, Happy Birthday MIL!

List Day!

  • Counted seven cars at the bar this morning
  • One of my systems refused to boot
  • After an hour and a half, Big D (AKA T1) went unhooked everything from the back, then it booted for him - I had only disconnected the power cord
  • I'm just happy to have my systems back
  • Convert's monitors are smaller than mine
  • I don't need a scarf that long
  • I forgot to wash my cup yesterday
  • Next time, I don't walk through the sprinklers, instead I walk around the building twice
  • Keep forgetting wikipedia takes forever to load on this system
  • Damn I'm out of water
  • Figure I can live 10 minutes, I'll take my walk and get some water
  • Third walk of the day (without Havac) and I'm ready to die
  • Which means when I walk with him today, he's going to totally run me over
  • Counted three cars on the drive home, but then I didn't have time to count them all

A 1000 Words

I've finished Mr. White's (formerly known as the Troll) sweater. It's actually Convert's baby sweater. Convert didn't come back when she said was going to, so I gave the one I made for her to Mr. White. Made the one for him and gave it to Convert. They both got one in the end that's all that matters.

Instead of Fran supervising me, I had Sabrina (AKA Fat Kitty). Twenty-eight pounds of annoyance.

The other night we had chicken noodle soup for dinner. While getting ready for dinner, I'd been washing dishes. I decided I should take off my bracelet, so nothing would happen to it...

Guess I was wrong, it broke when I tried to take it off.

Third time is the charm. Stupid peacock shawl

Nothing to see here...

Convert came back to work yesterday. I might actually have time to do real blog posts again. I've had the time prior, but I've been haunting Ravelry while waiting for the database. Instead of writing posts.

I'm on the last part of the baby sweater. It looks exactly like the last one, so currently there is no reason to take pictures of it. This sweater will have dark green buttons instead of matching.

I'm also converting written instructions to a chart. I have the bottom edge picked out and maybe the top half. I've only knitted four(?) shawls, so construction isn't something I've done before. I do have Knitting Lace Triangles. I figure it can't be that hard, right? I never think anything is hard until in the middle of it and I'm scratching my head thinking what-the-fuck-have-I-gotten-myself-into?

It appears Procreator has annoyed Gnome to the point I'll now be working with Procreator. Apparently I'm a calming influence. (Stop laughing, it could be.) Or the fact, I understand what Gnome really means when he asks for things and am willing to ask for more information. On the plus side, Procreator is a good programmer and will be able to teach me good habits...