List Day!

  • Counted seven cars at the bar this morning
  • One of my systems refused to boot
  • After an hour and a half, Big D (AKA T1) went unhooked everything from the back, then it booted for him - I had only disconnected the power cord
  • I'm just happy to have my systems back
  • Convert's monitors are smaller than mine
  • I don't need a scarf that long
  • I forgot to wash my cup yesterday
  • Next time, I don't walk through the sprinklers, instead I walk around the building twice
  • Keep forgetting wikipedia takes forever to load on this system
  • Damn I'm out of water
  • Figure I can live 10 minutes, I'll take my walk and get some water
  • Third walk of the day (without Havac) and I'm ready to die
  • Which means when I walk with him today, he's going to totally run me over
  • Counted three cars on the drive home, but then I didn't have time to count them all


emicat said...

U-oh, did the shortcut end up being a wet walk through the sprinklers? :)

Amy Lane said...

Havac is well named... and, yeah... that's not a good shortcut at ALL!