List Day

  • Counted one car at the bar this morning
  • Monday morning had six
  • It seems to be one of those days for everyone here
  • Both Convert and BBQer were late this morning
  • My neck is still very stiff and painful
  • Grilltech threw dropped his coffee cup on the ground
  • The soda machine wouldn't give me the drink I wanted or my change back
  • My system wanted me to update to the latest version of Java, so I did
  • Now some of the work applications aren't working correctly
  • Won't mention how much time I've lost tracking down the correct archived version to make them work
  • Excedrin is a miracle drug
  • I think it's raining, can't really tell for sure
  • The falcons, I watch on the drive to and from work, are back
  • We took off the electric blanket and last night was downright cold
  • Not sure if I'll put the electric one back on or pull out the heavy quilt

List Day

  • Counted ten (!) cars at the bar this morning
  • Grilltech forgot his bag, so no gym for us tonight
  • He also didn't remember to bring home his coffee cup last night
  • It was a bad morning at the tech house
  • I somehow managed to set the permissions to a directory, so certain members can't access it
  • Some people are pretty unhappy right now, including me because it needs to be fixed before I leave
  • Here's a hint: I have no clue of how to fix it and the people who can are dodging me
  • The week is mostly over, mostly
  • Dinner is cooking and tonight is Wipeout


Spring view down the street, I can see sun light.

I had Uggy being my supervisor this round of pictures. She's trying to figure out what the gray cat down the street is doing.

Started sleeves on my sweater, had almost twelve inches done.

Decided I didn't like the fabric, so I started over using size eight needles and a pattern instead of making my own up.

Finished my socks, these are iridescent dragons. (The yarn is purple train wreck, very awesome stuff.)