List Day

  • Counted ten (!) cars at the bar this morning
  • Grilltech forgot his bag, so no gym for us tonight
  • He also didn't remember to bring home his coffee cup last night
  • It was a bad morning at the tech house
  • I somehow managed to set the permissions to a directory, so certain members can't access it
  • Some people are pretty unhappy right now, including me because it needs to be fixed before I leave
  • Here's a hint: I have no clue of how to fix it and the people who can are dodging me
  • The week is mostly over, mostly
  • Dinner is cooking and tonight is Wipeout


Sandra said...

love Wipeout night!

emicat said...

10 cars in the morning eh? Must've been a rough week!

I enjoyed the "original" Wipeout in Japan :)

Amy Lane said...

Geez, I hope that day improved!