It's Monday, the Tuesday Edition

It's so hard to come back to work after a three day weekend.  Days of staying up until 2230 and sleeping in until 0800, really make getting up at 0430 suck.  Course getting to work and finding the server is down really makes the day – well, yanno – suck.

I'm about two-four rows away from shoulder shaping on my sweater.  Not quite stalled on it, but not racing to finish it.  I know, I should just my butt into gear and get it finished.  Because I'd like to wear it before it's to big.  

Do You Know?

What happened on this day in 1977?

This came out

Yet, Another Post

I like to knit both sleeves and fronts at the same time. It's pretty simple, knit across then purl back. Patterns are easy to remember because I just did them 58 stitches ago. If I mess up on one, then chances are I'll repeat the same mistake onto the second item. Fool proof, right?

As it turns out, its a bit harder than I thought to knit both at the same time. I measured one and it came up 10.5. After some swearing, I'm ripping back four rows because I need to be at 10 even. I measure again, this time I'm at 9.5. Knit two more rows and measure again. This time it comes up 11.5. W. T. F?!

At this point, I hold up both fronts and notice the second one is about an inch longer than it's mate. W. T. F?!

I think it's going to be one of those weeks.


It looks like the world is still here. No one was raptured away. California didn't break off to form its own small country. (Which makes me very happy, some of my very bestest internet friends live in Cali.)

On the karate front my knees are getting stronger - code for - they don't hurt all the time when I walk. I've been feeling up to knitting, a good thing in my world. I've over shot the length I've needed to be, so I'm tinking back four rows. Not exactly fun, but it means I'll have a sweater soon.

And now onto the awkward section of the post:

The other day, Perky and I are driving past Auntie Em's house. I hand the phone to Perky to call Em, to see if she wants to come to dinner with us. Perky does, they're talking and I hear a long pause then Nooo then a continuation of the conversation. Perky hangs up and says, I didn't know how to answer Is she (referring to Perky) pregnant?

To be fair, all three of us Perky, Eldest and I sound exactly the same on the phone.

List Day

  • Counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • I forgot to set my alarm last night, but did manage to wake up on time
  • Our department is in flux and at times it makes me crazy
  • Course then, I'm also known for making others crazy
  • Tonight is practice, I'm ready to Beat People Up
  • Damn, it's only 1015, I was thinking it was 1115
  • I tried to cut my finger off last night while making dinner. I'm very happy I didn't because it would making knitting difficult
  • Wasted an hour of my time researching something that someone else already knew
  • Sigh
  • The cat needs to have her claws trimmed

Best of Intentions

I was going to post on Thursday. Blogger was having issues. Figured I would post on Friday. Blogger was still having issues. So, today is my day to post.

Monday seems to be the day of downed server at work. Couldn't do much of anything until it was fixed. Managed to get some side stuff done, but that's about it.

The weekend went fast. Really didn't want to get up this morning or stay at work for that matter.


I've made some changes in my life and you guys may have noticed it. I'm getting out and doing more. Did you see the pictures of the flowers? And karate. Can I just die now? I can walk around the block. Heck, I can walk around the block for an hour and be fine. Put me in a horse stance? In two seconds, I'm wishing for death. To be fair, it's only my first week AND I'm only doing for an hour at a shot, instead of the usual two. But still....

Another change is I'm running Shadowrun. It's like plotting a book, but on steroids. (By the way Amy, I can't figure out why the hero had an assassin sent after him. It's making me crazy.) I've got plot hooks I'm setting up now and some of players are talking about new characters. (GAH!) Comment to player: I don't kill characters, I fuck with'em.

So between exercise and gaming, my knitting time hasn't been what it used to be. I've got a hat sitting on my desk and the sweater the back is done! Now I need to start the fronts, and I'll have a sweater!!.

I'm not blowing you guys off. Seriously, I'm not. I'm just off spending karma learning new skills.

P. S. Donna Lee the socks are almost ten inches long (total), it's the angle of the photo.

May the Fourth.... with you. Happy Star Wars day!

I'm Alive

I've been busy, just not blogging.

Waiting for the storm. Uggy will be in hiding soon.

Shhh, don't tell the knitting, but I've been doing some out side activities.

Grilltech bought me some flowers - pansies my all time favorites!

Finally put the zipper in - just don't ask to see the seam.

Fran had to check the current WIP sweater. She's right, I'll need to tink back a row.

Grilltech's new sock. Started the cuff on the second one. They're actually a very dark green, but look black.

With any luck, I'll get back into the swing of blogging.