I'm Alive

I've been busy, just not blogging.

Waiting for the storm. Uggy will be in hiding soon.

Shhh, don't tell the knitting, but I've been doing some out side activities.

Grilltech bought me some flowers - pansies my all time favorites!

Finally put the zipper in - just don't ask to see the seam.

Fran had to check the current WIP sweater. She's right, I'll need to tink back a row.

Grilltech's new sock. Started the cuff on the second one. They're actually a very dark green, but look black.

With any luck, I'll get back into the swing of blogging.


Megan said...

I love the flowers! I wish I had space for a garden, because I adore them. It is probably just as well though because I definitely do not have a green thumb.

Galad said...

You have been busy! Nice WIP's and pretty flowers. Wish I could keep plants alive but it just isn't one of my talents :-(

Sandra said...

My dog was always the best barometer. It could be sunny, she'd be hiding in the basement - we knew we'd be getting a storm soon...
And those are my alltime favourite colour of pansy - nice choice!

Donna Lee said...

I love pansies and also vinca. Lots of colorful flowers with little work.

Grilltech has tiny feet! or do they stretch? They look small.

Amy Lane said...

Oh happy, purty knitting... the sweater is gorgeoua, I lurve the socks, and I, too, take knitting advice from my cat.