Best of Intentions

I was going to post on Thursday. Blogger was having issues. Figured I would post on Friday. Blogger was still having issues. So, today is my day to post.

Monday seems to be the day of downed server at work. Couldn't do much of anything until it was fixed. Managed to get some side stuff done, but that's about it.

The weekend went fast. Really didn't want to get up this morning or stay at work for that matter.


Donna Lee said...

I noticed the issues with the blog apparatus. I couldn't leave comments and couldn't seem to access the blog itself. I usually blame the filter system at work (which is new and improved) but I couldn't get to it at home either.

I didn't want to get up for work either yesterday. Me and your server must be twins separated at birth.

Roxie said...

Yeah, blogger toyed with my attentions this wekend, too. Barstid.

Karate? Rock on baby! Gaming online? You da bomb!

Amy Lane said...

Blogger was KILLING me all weekend. Like Roxie said-- Bastages!