Yet, Another Post

I like to knit both sleeves and fronts at the same time. It's pretty simple, knit across then purl back. Patterns are easy to remember because I just did them 58 stitches ago. If I mess up on one, then chances are I'll repeat the same mistake onto the second item. Fool proof, right?

As it turns out, its a bit harder than I thought to knit both at the same time. I measured one and it came up 10.5. After some swearing, I'm ripping back four rows because I need to be at 10 even. I measure again, this time I'm at 9.5. Knit two more rows and measure again. This time it comes up 11.5. W. T. F?!

At this point, I hold up both fronts and notice the second one is about an inch longer than it's mate. W. T. F?!

I think it's going to be one of those weeks.


Donna Lee said...

I've never knit pieces at the same time. It makes sense but I've always done them separatedly. The whole measuring thing is such a subjective thing. Some days I can measure and get one number and then (without any knitting) get another one on another day. Eyeballing it doesn't seem to help either.

And yes, it's one of THOSE weeks.

Roxie said...

Yeah, I was making sleeves, ripped down three times, and they were STILL too short. (huh?) No wonder I can't get anything to fit. Gauge lies, tape measures lie, and rulers lie even more.

Amy Lane said...

Sleeves are maybe *knock knock knock* the ONE thing I have yet to f-up. But that doesn't mean it's not coming.