It looks like the world is still here. No one was raptured away. California didn't break off to form its own small country. (Which makes me very happy, some of my very bestest internet friends live in Cali.)

On the karate front my knees are getting stronger - code for - they don't hurt all the time when I walk. I've been feeling up to knitting, a good thing in my world. I've over shot the length I've needed to be, so I'm tinking back four rows. Not exactly fun, but it means I'll have a sweater soon.

And now onto the awkward section of the post:

The other day, Perky and I are driving past Auntie Em's house. I hand the phone to Perky to call Em, to see if she wants to come to dinner with us. Perky does, they're talking and I hear a long pause then Nooo then a continuation of the conversation. Perky hangs up and says, I didn't know how to answer Is she (referring to Perky) pregnant?

To be fair, all three of us Perky, Eldest and I sound exactly the same on the phone.


Roxie said...

Perky is very kind not to shriek, "Auntie EM! This IS Perky and I am NOT pregnant and why would you ask anyway?"

Honestly. You can pick your nose, but you can't pick your relatives! ;-)

Amy Lane said...

Uhm, still. wow. Tak-ee.