WIP Monday

I finished the Presto Chango:

Instead of using the lace panel, I went with a honeycomb cable:

I've also been making my own markers:

Made 48 of them to be exact:

Finished the first repeats of the Haruni shawl. I'm going to end up doing another four repeats, because Perky wants it LONG.

List Day!

  • Counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • Someone hit a skunk on the long straight stretch
  • I'm unable to chat with Grilltech at work, the talk programs are both down
  • Yes, I said both
  • We were suppose to have a software upgrade this weekend, but it's been pushed
  • I'm still taking Monday off
  • I can tell when one of us finds the great time sucker Facebook, their posts to blogs plummet
  • Today I remembered dental floss and a hair clip
  • Even better news! My PMS seems to be gone....
  • I'd be even happier if we really got our tax return tomorrow instead of the 30th like the IRS says
  • It's suppose to rain today, so far it's looking it could happen any second now
  • But it hasn't happened yet
  • The gal behind me, stole my chair and replaced it with a broken one that looks like mine
  • How do I know it was her? The white stripe down the back of the chair
  • I've got an urge to get the KP interchangeable needles
  • The addies are twice as much!!
  • Must resist the urge to stand up and scream Stop pounding on the table top! You're making my monitors bounce around because 1) the Gnome would want to have a chat with me about the proper way to do things and 2) screaming is not conducive to getting people to do what you want them to
  • Crazy talk, I know
  • It did end up raining today, which was kinda nice, but on the cool side


For two days now I've left my lip balm at home. I've got two of them in front of my keyboard on the desk at home, which does me very little good at 0600 in the morning; while at work. Oh wait. I forgot I put the balm in my drawer, so I have one. Now if I'd just get smart about hair clips and dental floss.

I finished the body on Presto Chango. I've decided to use a cable pattern instead of lace leaves. When knitting the body, I attached a second ball of yarn and knit both fronts at the same time. I think it would have made me crazy them one at a time. Maybe that's just me.

Well the front was off to a rocky start. I casted on the required number of stitches knit two rows then held up to the sweater. Too small. Ripped back then added six more stitches, it looks much better. Instead of seed stitch I was trying to do ribbing. Thankfully I caught it half way through the second row instead of six rows later.

Fun with Gamers

Saturday night's campaign I had two threads going. The Elves were told to gather as much intel on an address on the outskirts of Bellevue. They set up cameras and drove around the location for about six hours. They did a couple of astral recons and found a ward around the grounds - all five acres. It appears to be a dog training facility ran by Ares.

The second one was Joe's sister called about 2030 stating husband hasn't made it home yet. He had a doctor's appointment; he called when he was done about 1600 and then nothing. So the two Sammy's swing by the free clinic/soup kitchen/mission and can't find anything. They start canvassing and one finds a homeless guy who says *the place gives him the creeps and he thinks there is something odd going on there.* The next day, the two Sammy's go talk to the doctor, who says the brother was at the appointment, he was doing well all things considered, and then left. (She didn't appear to be lying to them.) They had the decker hack the place and pulled his medical records. At the bottom was the comment suitable candidate.

They then decide to send in Moon Dog; the Shaman Dwarf who lives in the sewers as a homeless guy along with Narr - a Sammy - as backup. In the middle of the night Moon Dog fails a body check of 8 and goes out. Narr follows to see where they take him, fails his perception test and loses them. The guys out in the van see another van leaving, Narr exits the building, they pick him up and off they follow it to a warehouse. They drive through the door, bashing in the front of the brand-new-shiny roadmaster that's less than 24 hours old. After some recon, they find the way down and end up getting ambushed by some true form cockroaches (three). Turns out I made them a bit too tough and had to fudge the numbers so the team would live. They kill the four flesh forms; found the brother-in-law and Moon Dog then got the hell out of there - leaving about 12 others to their fate.

We finished the night there, but I’ve got plenty to work with. Feel sorry for them, very sorry.

List Day!

  • Counted 15 cars at the bar this morning
  • Taxes went really well last night
  • Grilltech is now busily looking for a new pickup
  • Okay, new to us pickup
  • I'm not really hungry, but I want to eat something
  • So far, gum has held it at bay, but I'm unsure how much longer it will last
  • Bevis and Butthead are back today
  • Work must be slow today
  • We'll need to stop and get gas on the way home
  • It appears to be another bright sunny day out there
  • More spreadsheet hell
  • Plus an 88 minute meeting of explaining to a designer what he thinks is ready, really isn't
  • Havac is escaping the yard again, so he'll need to be chained up
  • He doesn't like that
  • Grilltech was a sweetie and took me out to dinner
  • Then we walked down and picked up some interesting looking beers
  • I'm having a Strawberry Oatmeal Stout, it smells very good

St Patrick's Day

After yesterday's rant, it has been decided done is always better than perfect. The 19 squares will be added to the strips and we shan't speak of this again. Will start more strips after finishing Convert's baby sweater.

Not sure if that's rain I smell or something else. I thought I heard the rain on the roof, but with these fans I always think its raining. The sun will be up in about 20 minutes, so I'll be able to look out the window to see.

We're having a potluck at work today, one of the admins said let's not do too much crap food because I'll just sit there and eat it all. I warned her I was bringing pie, because PI day was Sunday. What does she bring today? Two dozen doughnuts.

We're having our taxes done tonight. I have a deep rooted fear we're going to end up owing Uncle Sam. I always have that fear. Especially since we don't have any little tax deductions running around anymore. Both a blessing and a curse.

I've got two side stories bouncing around my head for this weekend. Don't know what the main adventure will be. Something they can kick the door open, shoot anything that moves, then loot the place.* Sure sometimes the guns are bows, but it's the same tactic. Maybe they need to steal some data from someone's house. I'd say artwork; but that would be three adventures in a row where they've dealt with artwork.

The sun isn't quite up yet, but I can see Venus' belt, so no rain here. Stupid fans. Oh yea, Wikipedia take forever to load on this machine.

The day has pretty much flown by. Only a bit more to go, then its home to snuggle with Grilltech and knit.

* Our group's standard MO no matter the genre


Hysterical laughter, can cause cow-orkers to stop and stare. The funniest part? They just wouldn't understand.

Sunday I met my goal of 120 square. Yeh me!

Since I've been sick, I've spent some time sewing strips together because those can't be screwed up.

If anyone could find a way to mess up sewing strips together, it would be me. Want proof?

Grilltech is pouting now. His blanket is in time out. I don't have the heart to tell him, I need to go pick up more yarn to finish his blanket. I'll let him think it's me for a while.

The worst fucking part? I ripped back the extra square. Counted again, and I've got NINETEEN-FUCKING-SQUARES. Its now in time out.

List Day!

  • I counted three cars in the parking lot this morning
  • Could it be there were less cars because I was an hour later than usual?
  • Interesting
  • I want a jet pack, and I wouldn't even have to fight Grilltech for it
  • And the database just crashed on me
  • Grilltech appears to be having my bad day
  • Should I tell him about the cockroaches?
  • Can you imagine what it was like for this kid in school? XXXX Batman-YYYY
  • Or have the first name of Prince (or Princess)
  • Got T1 into trouble; now he's chatting with the Gnome
  • Don't forget, PI day is coming up this Sunday
  • Havoc is now staring at me, he wants the door opened
  • This week has flown by, I'm still happy tomorrow is Friday

Worst Mommy Ever!

  • Wouldn't let Havoc chase chickens.

  • Not taking him for a walk, RIGHT NOW!

  • Not going outside with him to play in the cold sunshine.

Yip, it's official. A third generation hates me and he's not even human.

Elegant and Graceful

Every have one of those days? Yea, me too. Had a hot dog for breakfast and ended up with mustard down the front of my shirt. Because apparently everyone needs to know what I had breakfast also. I jammed my left index finger, which makes typing a joy. Can't wait to knit with it.

I have a feeling this maybe a whiny post. If this is the case, sorry. Don't mean to be overly whiny.

Didn't get much done in the way of knitting this weekend. My wrists were bothering me and decided to give them a rest. I have ten more squares to go before my goal of 120 is completed. Should have them done this week.

Spring is here. I can tell because Grilltech is sneezing like mad.

So what's sexier than mustard down the front of my shirt? Water splotches where I tried to wash it out. Yea, baby. I'm hot. And the mustard is there.

Good news for Grilltech, no tufo briskets for him.

Another glorious and shining moment in time for me. Training T1 how to do morning reports - in case I'm out sick again - and ran. the. wrong. frakking. report. Go me. Only five more hours to go and the day is over.

Don't know what's going on, but Wikipedia is taking forever to load. Hmmm 2058 still hasn't decided who has control of the Mob, I think I can use that for the next adventure. Saturday's adventure was loosely based on an episode of Warehouse 13. Soon some will be loosely based on the yummy, yummy hot guys.

Fun with Gamers

The team BS' their way to the vaults, leaving the ground floor with a tech and three heavily armed guards. Once below they overwhelm the guards, acquire their target and then some. The elf decides he wants a set of the armor the guards were wearing. They drag their loot back to the freight elevator and head to the first floor. Tech looks at the group and says, Where's Bob? What does the group do? Throw out the dead guard...

End result? Two nearly dead street sam's, one shot up shaman, and them running instead of walking out the door like they had planned.

It was a great night.

List Day, Double Shot

  • How do you tactfully tell a guy, I've got your nuts in a bag on my desk....
  • It was pouring rain this morning
  • I've figured out what I'm making Convert's baby Preststo Chango (Ravelry) (Non)
  • I've got three days to come up with an adventure for the group
  • I'm got nothing currently
  • Okay, have the basis of the adventure worked out
  • Now need to draw maps and flush out the NPCs
  • The sun is shining, I'm having a real hard time sitting at my desk
  • Grilltech decided to break his pickup
  • Once again, meanest Mommy in the world! Made Havoc wait 20 minutes for his walk
  • Amy, Havoc says, You know I'm training to be a cage fighter...

Monday, Monday

Today's pictures are supervised by Fran, who never looks at the camera.

And Havoc, who feels I was the meanest Mommy ever! He had to wait five minutes before he was able to drag me around the block.

I was able to complete 86 squares of my 120 goal.

Unfolded squares.

Olympic quotes:
Perky: Didn't you try and make this four years ago?
Grilltech: Hey, you're not knitting, shouldn't you be knitting?