Hysterical laughter, can cause cow-orkers to stop and stare. The funniest part? They just wouldn't understand.

Sunday I met my goal of 120 square. Yeh me!

Since I've been sick, I've spent some time sewing strips together because those can't be screwed up.

If anyone could find a way to mess up sewing strips together, it would be me. Want proof?

Grilltech is pouting now. His blanket is in time out. I don't have the heart to tell him, I need to go pick up more yarn to finish his blanket. I'll let him think it's me for a while.

The worst fucking part? I ripped back the extra square. Counted again, and I've got NINETEEN-FUCKING-SQUARES. Its now in time out.


emicat said...

The blanket's looking good, but I can understand the time out!

Roxie said...

I usually pin the squares together at the seams to keep things lined up. How patient you are!

Amy Lane said...

Oh definitely time out. Time out and a spanking! Bad fiber... bad!

Red said...

I like the blanket. Since it's spring, he won't needitanytine soon, right? So a time out makes sense.