Elegant and Graceful

Every have one of those days? Yea, me too. Had a hot dog for breakfast and ended up with mustard down the front of my shirt. Because apparently everyone needs to know what I had breakfast also. I jammed my left index finger, which makes typing a joy. Can't wait to knit with it.

I have a feeling this maybe a whiny post. If this is the case, sorry. Don't mean to be overly whiny.

Didn't get much done in the way of knitting this weekend. My wrists were bothering me and decided to give them a rest. I have ten more squares to go before my goal of 120 is completed. Should have them done this week.

Spring is here. I can tell because Grilltech is sneezing like mad.

So what's sexier than mustard down the front of my shirt? Water splotches where I tried to wash it out. Yea, baby. I'm hot. And the mustard is there.

Good news for Grilltech, no tufo briskets for him.

Another glorious and shining moment in time for me. Training T1 how to do morning reports - in case I'm out sick again - and ran. the. wrong. frakking. report. Go me. Only five more hours to go and the day is over.

Don't know what's going on, but Wikipedia is taking forever to load. Hmmm 2058 still hasn't decided who has control of the Mob, I think I can use that for the next adventure. Saturday's adventure was loosely based on an episode of Warehouse 13. Soon some will be loosely based on the yummy, yummy hot guys.


Roxie said...

Well, it's like eating a live cockroach first thing in the morning so nothing worse can happen to you all day. So, all your bad luck for March has been used up and you're good to go for the rest of the month.

Amy Lane said...

Okay. Roxie's right. NOTHING worse than eating a live cockroach can happen to you for the rest of the day. I want to know about the adventure based on yummy hot guys!