Monday, Monday

Today's pictures are supervised by Fran, who never looks at the camera.

And Havoc, who feels I was the meanest Mommy ever! He had to wait five minutes before he was able to drag me around the block.

I was able to complete 86 squares of my 120 goal.

Unfolded squares.

Olympic quotes:
Perky: Didn't you try and make this four years ago?
Grilltech: Hey, you're not knitting, shouldn't you be knitting?


Roxie said...

Fran looks like a supeb supervisor. And hooray for the square success!

Galad said...

Great job on the squares!

Amy Lane said...

Sorry-- can't look at that dog without hearing Julius Caesar-- CRY HAVOC AND LET SLIP THE DOGS OF WAR!!! He doesn't look like a dog of war... but you're REALLY close on that project--I'd just finish it and marvel how much you accomplished.

Louiz said...

Wow so many squares, that's amazing. Looks like you have good supervision there too

emicat said...

nice job on the number of squares completed!

I got my share of Grilltech's olympic quotes from my guy too... I'd be sitting in my chair and get the "shouldn't you be knitting?" for the past week. I showed him! ;)