List Day!

  • I counted three cars in the parking lot this morning
  • Could it be there were less cars because I was an hour later than usual?
  • Interesting
  • I want a jet pack, and I wouldn't even have to fight Grilltech for it
  • And the database just crashed on me
  • Grilltech appears to be having my bad day
  • Should I tell him about the cockroaches?
  • Can you imagine what it was like for this kid in school? XXXX Batman-YYYY
  • Or have the first name of Prince (or Princess)
  • Got T1 into trouble; now he's chatting with the Gnome
  • Don't forget, PI day is coming up this Sunday
  • Havoc is now staring at me, he wants the door opened
  • This week has flown by, I'm still happy tomorrow is Friday


Donna Lee said...

I won't fight you for the jetpack either. I get motion sickness and I don't think it would be cool to fly around throwing up on people......

Amy Lane said...

Okay... if you even KNEW the songs on this mix cd a friend just sent me, you'd know how hilarious the link on sex & religion was for me!!!