St Patrick's Day

After yesterday's rant, it has been decided done is always better than perfect. The 19 squares will be added to the strips and we shan't speak of this again. Will start more strips after finishing Convert's baby sweater.

Not sure if that's rain I smell or something else. I thought I heard the rain on the roof, but with these fans I always think its raining. The sun will be up in about 20 minutes, so I'll be able to look out the window to see.

We're having a potluck at work today, one of the admins said let's not do too much crap food because I'll just sit there and eat it all. I warned her I was bringing pie, because PI day was Sunday. What does she bring today? Two dozen doughnuts.

We're having our taxes done tonight. I have a deep rooted fear we're going to end up owing Uncle Sam. I always have that fear. Especially since we don't have any little tax deductions running around anymore. Both a blessing and a curse.

I've got two side stories bouncing around my head for this weekend. Don't know what the main adventure will be. Something they can kick the door open, shoot anything that moves, then loot the place.* Sure sometimes the guns are bows, but it's the same tactic. Maybe they need to steal some data from someone's house. I'd say artwork; but that would be three adventures in a row where they've dealt with artwork.

The sun isn't quite up yet, but I can see Venus' belt, so no rain here. Stupid fans. Oh yea, Wikipedia take forever to load on this machine.

The day has pretty much flown by. Only a bit more to go, then its home to snuggle with Grilltech and knit.

* Our group's standard MO no matter the genre

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Amy Lane said...

I want to play. I definitely want to shoot anything that moves...