List Day!

  • Counted 15 cars at the bar this morning
  • Taxes went really well last night
  • Grilltech is now busily looking for a new pickup
  • Okay, new to us pickup
  • I'm not really hungry, but I want to eat something
  • So far, gum has held it at bay, but I'm unsure how much longer it will last
  • Bevis and Butthead are back today
  • Work must be slow today
  • We'll need to stop and get gas on the way home
  • It appears to be another bright sunny day out there
  • More spreadsheet hell
  • Plus an 88 minute meeting of explaining to a designer what he thinks is ready, really isn't
  • Havac is escaping the yard again, so he'll need to be chained up
  • He doesn't like that
  • Grilltech was a sweetie and took me out to dinner
  • Then we walked down and picked up some interesting looking beers
  • I'm having a Strawberry Oatmeal Stout, it smells very good


Amy Lane said...

Okay... I'm not sure if that's beer, an handcream or a dessert! I certainly HOPE it smells good!

GrillTech said...

Oh it was a very fine beer.. Actually it was an Organic Strawberry Ale.. Very tasty and I'd recommend it to others..