List Day!

  • Counted six cars at the bar this morning
  • Someone hit a skunk on the long straight stretch
  • I'm unable to chat with Grilltech at work, the talk programs are both down
  • Yes, I said both
  • We were suppose to have a software upgrade this weekend, but it's been pushed
  • I'm still taking Monday off
  • I can tell when one of us finds the great time sucker Facebook, their posts to blogs plummet
  • Today I remembered dental floss and a hair clip
  • Even better news! My PMS seems to be gone....
  • I'd be even happier if we really got our tax return tomorrow instead of the 30th like the IRS says
  • It's suppose to rain today, so far it's looking it could happen any second now
  • But it hasn't happened yet
  • The gal behind me, stole my chair and replaced it with a broken one that looks like mine
  • How do I know it was her? The white stripe down the back of the chair
  • I've got an urge to get the KP interchangeable needles
  • The addies are twice as much!!
  • Must resist the urge to stand up and scream Stop pounding on the table top! You're making my monitors bounce around because 1) the Gnome would want to have a chat with me about the proper way to do things and 2) screaming is not conducive to getting people to do what you want them to
  • Crazy talk, I know
  • It did end up raining today, which was kinda nice, but on the cool side


Amy Lane said...

Hey-- have you tried Hiya-Hiya needles? They're like Addies--almost EXACTLY like addies, except, A. Their cords don't kink, and B? THEY'RE HALF THE COST.

Yeah... Gnomes... they have no sense of work humor.

emicat said...

I'd love to try the Addi clicks, but I have the Harmony in wood and I like em.

Got my tax refund and I spent my funny money on yarn LOL. So when boyfriend wanted to buy fishing stuff, I couldn't really say 'no' could I? :)

Roxie said...

Yeah, screaming at people at work is frequently counter-productive, though, it would feel so GOOD!

Sorry, my favorite needles are the old Susan Bates nylon circullar ones. I grab 'em at garage sales every time I find them.

Megan said...

I can't stand when people pound on table tops or make other noises like that. I was in the library a few months ago and someone's phone kept going off on vibrate. I was just about to lose it when the girl next to me got up and yelled at the person instead. I could have hugged her.