Quick and Dirty

Still working away on a swatch for a new sweater for Grilltech. He's stated he wants a vest to wear to his other work. Originally that's what I was swatching for but he doesn't want green. I'll go pick up some charcoal or black, then work on a vest for him. Of course, I was hunting around for a pattern which I might like enough to knit up. I don't know who I was kidding. I realized what I was doing, grabbed a pattern book and flipped through it. Narrowed it down to two choices, I showed him. He picked the one he wanted and the sweater is off. Okay, the swatching is off to a good start.

I owe you guys a couple of pictures. Several projects have been completed. I'll get to it soon(tm).

Does this mean I'm an adult now?

This is my second project I've actually swatched for. I mean, SWATCHED. Knit 4-5 inches in pattern then counted. Have I mentioned how much I <3 Knitting Math Wizard and Sweater Wizard? I suppose I should back up. I've finished both Lilith and Marrakash. In fact, I've worn Lilith to work. So I'm out of major projects and need something to do. I do have the secret project, but I can't knit it in front of Grilltech. Duh, it's a SECRET. He's been asking, is it for me? I'm been taking lessons from Sayid. If I don't so say A, he can't say B. He's been bugging me about it. So far, I've managed not to tell him ANYTHING but I've been known to talk.

Back to topic, Knitting software - it's kewl. Plug in the numbers and it does the math. AMAZING!! I say, I get 28 stitches to 4 inches on size 3 needles, it tells me the gauge is 7.25 inches!! Do you know how AWESOME that is? With very little work.

Because I'm a Lemming....

And now for something completely different: (thanks Perky)

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List Day!

  • There were eight cars at the bar this morning

  • I passed Grilltech was driving towards home

  • Yea, I was confused as well

  • First crash of the day in regular database

  • The crash booted me out completely

  • For those of you who read groups on Ravelry: Support our Troops!

  • Grilltech doesn't understand what's so funny about Marines in beanies.

  • And for those of you who don't either, keep reading...

  • The other database and I have come to an understanding: it won't crash and I won't threaten to knit it's threads

  • It's frightening when I get an error message that states changes won't happen, you've confused the database

  • Yes, that was an actual error message

  • I'm feeling pretty scattered today, jumping from one thought (or task) to another before the first one is finished

  • Cow-orkers are complaining the database is slow

  • Because the thought of knitting 60 inches of I-cord on 000 needles isn't very appealing, I'm going to crochet something instead

  • Best excuse for coming in late? I can't close the garage door, the cat is stuck up there and won't come down

  • Oops, it's not good for cow-orker relations to let the crazy show to much

  • Will someone please tell the cherry pie in the vending machine to quit calling me?

  • I've tried changing my number but somehow it keeps finding it

  • I'm ready to start working in the database, they say it's sped up

  • Sempher Fi!! (Go see post 701)

  • Is it warm in here?

It lives!

This is why I'll never be a knit designer:

CO: 68

20 rnds

Start pattern:

P1, K1, M1, SSK, K4, K2Tog, K3, M1, K1, P1, K4, P1, K1, M1, K3, SSK, K4, K2Tog, M1, K1, P1

Make heel. Knit to length. Start toe. Wear to work after second one is made.

That is a sock I'm working. There is more to the pattern, but since I know it I don't bother putting it down.

Last night we had our taxes done. One less thing for me to stress over. I was so sure we would owe. We don't! In fact when he said your refund was xx dollars, I thought it was dollars. Wrong! Grilltech laughed at me when I explained the whole thing.

It sure felt like a Monday

Today everything broke at work. Chaos was running rampant. What? The PDF file doesn't match what's on the computer? Really? About the forth time of being told, I had a prepared statement ready: a group exception can be done and the proper people will be notified. Which really meant: I don't need the memo about the TPSD report. I'm aware of the new cover sheets. Thank you. No, seriously, STOP. Or I will hurt you.

There must have been an event happening at the bar Tuesday night. The parking lot was packed! There were way to many cars to count in the two seconds it takes me to drive by.

In knitting news, I haven't started the project yet. Not even swatching. While the IC has been screaming, I've been trying to get caught up. I hate have two or three major projects on the needles. On the plus side I'm on down hill side of both projects. If I knit instead of reading all night, they'd get done faster.

Oh it's been a fun day. I use a database - imagine that - that every once in a while quits working. I look at it in the wrong tone of voice and it goes belly up. The guy who maintains it rolls his eyes when I call him over. I'm not intentionally stupid but there are times. I could start breaking it down trying to figure out why it doesn't work. But that would take time and I don't want to do it. I have other projects I'd rather be working on. Anyway, he's out for the next two weeks and it's down again. I went to a third person to have him log into his computer and get a pristine copy. It took us 30 minutes, but I have it and saved a copy to a different directory. It'd better not act up again!

Dude, where's the Pi?

Damn it! I missed Pi Day!

Next year...

Crazy, a Suitable Case for Treatment*

I'm knitting away on Marrakech.

Inner Child: I'm bored of this! I want to start on the secret project.

Me: Let me finish this and then I can get going on the project.

IC: Noooo, project NOW!!

Me: Look socks!!

IC: OOOHHH pretty!!

I start kntting faster so IC won't realize I've distracted her. Thirty minutes later:

IC: Hey! We're still working on the icky pink thing...

Me: ??

IC: I want to work on something else.

Pull out Lilith and start knitting. Thirty minutes later:

IC: Black is boring! I want to start the project.

Me: We're almost done with Lilith. See, mohair is pretty.


Me: Socks!!

IC: NO!! Not socks! I want PRETTY!! PRETTY!! PRETTY!!

Me: How about I go pull the pattern and yarn?

IC: Okay

Find the pattern and yarn I think will work.

Me: See? Pretty!


Look at the pattern.

Fearless Knitter: Hey kewl! You're going to knit this pattern on size 3 needles with sock yarn!! That's AWESOME!!

ME: ??

FK: You know, most knitters would look for yarn to match the pattern, but not you....

I start reading the pattern.

Me: Five stitches to the inch on size 7 needles! That's what the pattern calls for?!

FK: We can do it... This is the part of the conversations where I remind you algebra saves the world.

Me: Don't you mean saves my knitting?

Look over the pattern and yarn again.

FK: Whatever... You'll want to start a swatch-

IC: HEY!! You was going to use that yarn to make my socks!

FK: No, it's going to make a lovely N-

Me: HEY!!

IC: MY sock yarn!!

FK: But...

I think I need a drink.

*Crazy By Nazareth

List Day!

  • There were 11 cars at the bar this morning

  • And eight rolls of TP in the bathroom stall at work

  • I've missed two days of work due to the crud

  • Now Grilltech is coming down with it

  • On the plus side, I've got quite a bit done on Lilith

  • I've also decided I need to go pick up another skein to complete her

  • It's also been decided I'm going to rip back the bodice on Marrakech

  • And IE just crashed on me

  • Nice to know things don't really change around the datamine

  • I also want to remember to take cold medication at 1800; not 1600

  • Waking up coughing an hour before the alarm is due to go off isn't good

  • Did you know in order to purchase some over-the-counter cold medication you have to provide ID

  • And you can only purchase ONE box at a time

  • HELOOO!! There are four adults in the house who will require medication

  • One freaking box won't cut it

  • Yea, I sound like I've been smoking two packs a day for forty years; yea, I'm going to make meth

  • DQ's week off didn't change him in the slightest

  • I also was thinking I should rip back Lilith and make it a bit narrower

  • Yea, two skeins of mohair later, I make a time wasting decision

  • Maybe it's the cold medication

  • I haven't made it to the gym at all this week

  • I'm such a slacker

  • Three 55 gallon drums cups of tea so far today

  • Guess what, I've got to pee again

  • I'm sure that's a TMI!

  • When I finish up my two projects on the needles currently, I'm going to do some secret knitting

  • Is it still considered secret if I announced I'm going to do it?

  • Another roll of TP has magically appeared

  • For the life of me, I can't see Liver and Onions as a lunch special

  • Maybe I'll make it to the gym tomorrow

Because I'm a Lemming....

Yes, quizzes count as posts when you're sick.

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Because I'm a Lemming....

Your result for What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test...

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I want to die now. I'm too sick to knit.

List Day!

  • Six cars at the bar today

  • Yip, it must be spring

  • I saw a herd of deer crossing a major street on the drive in

  • There was a snow/rain mix that made visiblity a real bitch

  • Neither one of us wanted to crawl out of bed this morning

  • It was discovered this weekend, one does not drink adult beverages and knit lace

  • No matter how simple the lace pattern

  • I still must be Queen Bitch PMS; even the Gnome commented on it

  • One more day, one more day

  • I seriously need to relax

  • Gnome: Knittech, how do you feel about taking calls tomorrow?

  • Me: Like calling in sick

  • Second day in a row of driving to work in snow

  • Isn't spring suppose to be on the way?

  • Honey, mute. We don't want to listen to you type

  • When things blow up, everyone is on the morning call

  • Yes, I got the memo about the TPSD reports, I don't need another copy

  • Appeartly, I do

  • I live for hour glasses on a dead line

  • They give me something to focus my hatred

  • Grilltech didn't have class last night

  • It was nice to have him home

  • IE crashed on me... it's a strange feeling

  • Givin' me a number, 9-7-8

  • Give me back my name

  • The sun is now shining!

  • What are the chances it will be snowing when I leave for the day?

  • I wonder which is better, chocolate milk or chips

  • It'd better be the chocolate milk, that's what I had


Only two things have been changed on the knitted swatches. Needles were different, a set of straights and a pair of circulars. Knitters were different. Perky is a very tight knitter.

One sleeve is almost completed. I'm documenting like crazy, I've gone off the grid with this tunic.

And the sweater seems to have recovered. It was put into the drier by itself and most of the threads have worked their way back. Now I know.... that's half the battle*.

* Using the knowledge is the other half, they never tell you that part.

It's Ugly

I'm back to my regular 0400 shift. I'm a bit tired from getting up early. However, it's 0830 and there is only four more hours left to my day. It doesn't get any better. Okay, it can get better - but I don't think I'll be winning the lottery, fitting into a size -3*, or having yummy, yummy hot guy Dean Winchester show up any time soon. I'm going to be happy with what I do have: some money in the bank, fitting into a size XL shirt, and my yummy, yummy hot guy Grilltech.

I wore my sweater on Saturday. It was comfortable and warm. I didn't need a jacket. On Sunday I threw it in the laundry, with the rest of the clothes. It's made from sock yarn, I throw my socks into the washer and don't think twice about it. Until I went to put the clothes into the dryer. And noticed hooks had embedded themselves into fabric**.

I want to go throw up now.

* -3 do they make clothes that small or would that be a Barbie dress?
** Whole new meaning for getting getting my bra hooked up...