Quick and Dirty

Still working away on a swatch for a new sweater for Grilltech. He's stated he wants a vest to wear to his other work. Originally that's what I was swatching for but he doesn't want green. I'll go pick up some charcoal or black, then work on a vest for him. Of course, I was hunting around for a pattern which I might like enough to knit up. I don't know who I was kidding. I realized what I was doing, grabbed a pattern book and flipped through it. Narrowed it down to two choices, I showed him. He picked the one he wanted and the sweater is off. Okay, the swatching is off to a good start.

I owe you guys a couple of pictures. Several projects have been completed. I'll get to it soon(tm).


Amy Lane said...

*sigh* Yeah-- it never fails. I ask Mate which one he likes, and then I do the other one. I tell him that's helpful too!

Galad said...


Roxie said...

I LOVE wearing knit vests to work. Course, I'm female, so I can wear a much wider variety, but vests really make life so much more comfortable for these cold old bones.