List Day!

  • I changed my network password, and I keep typing in the old one instead of the new one

  • There were five cars at the bar this morning

  • C's engaged!!!

  • I'm thinking of what I can knit for her as a wedding present

  • Thankfully, I've got plenty of time

  • Grilltech has a BBQ competition this weekend

  • I emptied one of my yarn bins, three bags full

  • I keep offering to have him get his own (bin) but he'd rather use mine

  • That's why I love him so much

  • With Grilltech gone most of the weekend, I'll have plenty of time to work the project

  • I think I need to rip back two rows, I was busy chatting last night I messed up

  • It's been a week and my shoulder is still stiff and sore

  • Amy, I am working on the me-me. It might be Monday before it's done

  • I really need to make soup this weekend

  • I'm tired of buying soup that isn't as good as mine

  • Hmm, barley vegetable beef made with some of Grilltech's prize winning brisket

  • I should have brought in some bread to go with the soup

  • I'm willing to bet Grilltech would let me purchase Viper Pilot pattern

  • I won't tell him I really want the pattern for C's not-soon-to-be husband

  • There were five different cars at the bar on the way home

  • It's almost the end of the day, and I'm still typing the wrong password

  • Grilltech is running around like a crazy man trying to get everything packed


Galad said...

Tell GrillTech to have fun and enjoy your soup.

Roxie said...

Ohh, wish I could go sample Grilltech's successes! Best of luck to him and comfort to you!

Amy Lane said...

Soup is good! (And beef/veggie/barley is lo-cal!) Congrats to C--and enjoy your knitting time!

Megan said...

I can't wait to hear what you make as a wedding present.